Torvald's Pet?


If you listened in the stream today, Sunny says she’s getting Torvald a puppy.

Finally Daisy will have a playmate.

We can put the mortars on the puppy instead and have it as a fifth team mate, right? Right?


Mortar puppy too OP.

TRS plz nerf.


They may need to nerf his cuteness. Better CC than a stasis nade.


And we can call him Fenrir in line with the space viking theme!


No his name shall be odin the adorable and yes you HAVE TO SAY THE WHOLE THNG, EVERY TIME! :smiley:


Or maybe Loki. Or Thor.


I vote Thor.


Malik the Merciless


What Torvald need is a pet Mammoth Bird.



But no, seriously, get him a puppy.


Let’s go with ragnarock


Bomb dog when? :smile:


No talha, we already have pocket !


In the running for names for Torvald’s puppy:

  1. Fenrir.
  2. Odin the Adorable.
  3. Loki.
  4. Thor.
  5. Malik the Merciless.
  6. Ragnarok.


Ragnarok. He will be the dog that Fenrir bows to when he passes. Odin and Thor will sit when he barks, not the other way around. Why should he be named after one of his own inferiors? Plus, that allows for if the puppy is female as well.


Alright. I’m tempted to make a poll for this. >.>


Torvald translates to Thor’s ruler.


Coincidence? I think not.


ahh… Boondocks.


Chloe did say there was a deficiency in cuteness on shear. And I agree.