Torvalds mortars


Everyone seems justifiably hyped about sunny, crow and slim, I haven’t seen as much excitement about our vengeance fuelled cyber Viking. I was wondering if anyone has more information about him, specifically about his mortars. I read a quote from @macman regarding the 8 round burst (!!!) shotgun which sounds great but I’m REALLY intrigued with the mortars and how they work. I like the idea of an assault that’s effective at long range, so far all the assaults damage drop off at a distance. Is there anything concrete out there or is it just guesswork? Or am I the only guy hyped for Torvald?


Hes my favorite out of the bunch, mortars and grenades, I love blowing shit up!


Glad it’s not just me,


He seems to be the most interesting assault by far. While I love playing the other three assaults, their strategies essentially revolve around getting in close and dealing damage, with the occasional mine-laying with Markov (which I’m not much of a fan of. The strategy in placing them and using them for cover can get interesting while defending the power relay, but they’re just incredibly ineffective at getting damage on an intelligent monster while he is inevitably fleeing from you), but Torvald’s mortars give him a serious reason to keep his distance (I forget where I saw it, but Macman said that they cannot be fired at his feet) which will provide him with some interesting choices of when to directly engage with his grenade and shotgun, and when to bust out the heavy artillery at a distance. But that’s just a theory.

A GAME theory!


That’s kinda what I’m hoping for. Decent enough damage up close with the shotgun and grenade combo but mortars being the big hitters. Gives the monster a reason to focus the assault and get in close for a change.


There are other Torvald hype posts. He will probably be my new main - definitely at least for awhile.


Every one thinks he gonna be good at long range but I’m pretty sure macman said in one his post that his mortars are mid range can’t remeber where it was but yeah


I dunno, he didn’t get the bulk of my attention (Unlike Gobi. Gobi sees all.), but he’s still very interesting. His shotgun sounds kinda meh, but blowing shit up is my specialty, and Mortars do just that, so…


I read somewhere some speculation that he would be WEAK at mid range, but so far all the assaults are close range only. Will be interesting to see how it changes te way engagements unfold.


Gotta admit, I am also hyped for the others. Gobi looks ace.

Gobi sees all.


Well technically all the assaults have a mid/long range option. Parnell’s rocket launcher,Hyde’s minigun,and Markov’s assault rifle.


I’m super hyped for Torvald :smile:! Mortars are why I’m so excited for him! I can’t wait to get some skill shots with those! It’s awesome to see an assault with some strong long-range options.


True but not really much. I remember being in a game where the assault stood at long range and pelted the goliath with mini gun while the goliath just ran after the medic. The armour was barely even scratched after nearly 10 minutes.


I’m not happy about torvald having a shotgun, seems lazy to me like, Parnell? Really bad azz looking character- give him a shotty and a rocket tubez. Torvald? Looks bad azz, Give him a shotty and a mortar rocket tubez. Markov remains as my favorite assault for this reason. I feel like they missed out on an oppurtunity to make a laser cannon that fired purple laser beams character who’s secondary was duel wield smgs… You know, something original and creative Now Gobi on the other hand :slight_smile: Gobi is love… Gobi is life…


I think it depends how differently they play. It sounds like it empties the clip in one trigger pull rather than the single shot of Parnell. I get what you’re saying, it does have the potential to be repetition, hopefully it comes out as awesome as I’m imagining.


Yeah, for the sake of the forum I’ll save my doubts for when Tovald comes out cause I too really wanted him to be awesome


Torvald’s shotgun is weaker but has better accuracy than parnell’s


Yeah that’s what I read. I’m really interested in how the mortars are going to work. Hopefully they can hit a kraken in the air with a decent aim.


I would like to see the damage output for the motars and how they compare to the other assualts’ main damage dealers


It is to my understanding that the mortars are torvalds main damage dealing weapon like the flamethrower etc. That they like a mortar have a min range but can hit things on there flight path so if your stood in between the monsters legs you will score a direct hit.

Im assuming it will bring up a aiming arc much like rock throw.