Torvalds mortars block rock throw


Unfunny bug the mortar projektiles block rock throw… this needs to get fixed also mines of markov block rock throw and not the part of the actuall mine but the complete radius where it explodes gets set off in.


Isn’t this because you can destroy the rocks mid-air? If so and if I’m not mistaken, that’s a game feature and not a bug.


You can?! How.

Shoot them?


Yep but unlike banshee mines, it generally takes more shots XD an orbital, mortar strike, the nuke and mines can take the rocks out I believe. Again though, I’m going on what someone else said a while back so I could be wrong. I have indeed seen rocks be destroyed before though.


but Rock throw already limits you enough in exchange for the damage… it not like banshee mines, why should the ability be nullified ?


I’ve only heard that a heavy amount of damage can destroy it. Again though, could be wrong so don’t take it to heart. I’ve never tested it so it’s possible people are wrong and the rocks just hit a tree or something and they thought they destroyed it.