Torvalds encounter map


Okay so torvald was talking about fighting a monster on a ship and of course he lost etc. So are there any plans for a map on a ship? The monster runs around eating people and MREs and trying to destroy the ships engine (power relay).
Of course this is just a map idea but i wasnt sure where to put it since there were no map categories.


Not this iteration, it’s been said that all maps will be located on Shear.


Awe that depressing :frowning: thanks for letting me k ow though!
And you make it sound like there will be an “Evolve 2”


Don’t think that they will cause I can’t see it making much sense in a lore sense, unless the ship is grounded. Because currently the only planet is shear, and unless they expand it I can’t see a chance for a ship.

And yeah, map ideas don’t have a set category if you had a fully fleshed idea I would have said ‘Community Content’, and feedback on maps would go in the obvious topic, maybe ‘General’ Would be the best?

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Oh I’m not hinting at anything. But if there’s an E2,I could possibly see spacestation type maps.


Well now that i know feel free to close this :wink:


Mmm, well we atleast know that Sunny met Torvald at the foundry :3