Torvalds damage is absolutely horrible


I’ve played many matches with a Torvald and won none. He’s been nerfed so hard it’s pathetic. Tested his DPS in a custom match and he barely does more than Bucket.

What the hell happened?


His mortars got reduced a bit, but Torvald is still strong just more skill based.

If you know where the monster will be correctly most of the time by the time your mortars land there, then you are an Assault God.


Monsters complained about him, and didn’t dodge his mortars.

@Torvald_Stavig can also give some insight on Torvald, if you are having trouble with him.


Pretty sure it had to do with the airtime on his mortars.

Back when he first came out, he was great. Then they made the mortars have more airtime, so you had to guess/hope/anticipate where the Monster would much more in advance. Leading to a lot of missed mortars.


No, like I said I tested it in custom. Had a friend stand still as the monster with all the other hunters dead.


What exactly did you test? How fast Torvald could kill a monster IF he lands all his mortars and shoots his shotgun right? And also

  1. Did you use perks that didn’t affect reload nor capacity or dmg? (so standard dmg only)
  2. And did you do the same for Bucket (as a control) with him having his three sentry guns shooting at the monster while you are shooting rockets?
  3. Did you not make use of any multipliers? Meaning, did you aim your shotgun/rockets at the monsters head (if so, perhaps avoid that as the chances are slim in actual combat that you will be able to keep doing this).
  4. Since bucket doesnt need to rely on switching his weapon if all his sentry guns remain, how often do you use Torvald’s schrapnel grenades? I barely use it as I prefer to shoot twice with my shotgun and then mortar. Although some here prefer quickswitch for a quick scrapnel and then shotgun ending with a mortar (rinse and repeat).


All damage perks.

  1. Mortar
  2. Shrapnel
  3. Shoot multiplier
  4. Repeat and refresh mine as needed

For bucket.

  1. Plant sentries
  2. Shoot body, not head

Torvald was 16k
Bucket was 13k


Ok, try to do the same without using any perks that would affect capacity, reload or dmg (so take for example movement speed perks - since you will be standing still, it is worthless).

Try to use his shotgun twice and then switch to mortar. Rinse and repeat.

See how it would affect if you take (for example), one perk (gold max capacity) for both bucket and torvald. I believe the difference would even be higher (since torvald can shoot more pellets and more mortars).

Then do a last one where both of them have gold capacity perk and a quickswitch perk (which will be useless for bucket, but will do wonders for torvald as he might be able to put a scrapnel in there faster)

If possible, make a youtube video of your runs ,as I am curious to see the result.


But also torvald is a team damage assault. Sure, his shrapnel can increase damage for his shotty, but also create weak points for other hunters to use too. If torvald is the only one shooting the shrapnel, then he is doing less damage. Trapper should be shooting the monster along with Torvald because his mortars are good CC tools too.


Whenever I see a Torvald on my team I assume they’re going to be a burden, simply because he seems to require far more skill than the other Assaults and I play pub matches so skill is often wanting.


I’m playing Torvald all the time and he’s pretty fine imho.
I have 70% victories with him and if those rockets hit the monster they deal really much damage. Aiming is a bit difficult though.


Yeah I cant believe they’re buffing his shotgun, instead of buffing for instance flight time on his mortars. They need to be made less situational/lucky/superskillshot.


I use Torvald as my main assault and I think his damage is just fine if you can land a decent number of your mortars. He took a bit of getting used to, but I see no real issues with his damage.


i’d imagine its hard to fight a wraith or kraken with him since they have good mobility


Shrapnel Grenades make all the difference. A Torvald who is a team player is a force to be reckoned with.


Torvald is amazing.