Torvald's Burst Vs Parnell: A Comparison (spoiler Parnell can't compete)


Parnell requires sacrificing HP, getting in close and aiming for weakspots or headshots with a shotgun that has considerable recoil. He puts himself in danger of the monster damaging him, swiping him away or simply jumping away and negating his burst. Finally, unlike all the other assaults he brings no added utility for the team in the form of mines or grenades.

Torvald does absolutely huge burst without having to get in close, sacrificing ANYTHING, while being able to spam it without reload while being able to stay safely on a ledge away. He also brings utility for the team through his grenade.

Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?


Yeah Torvald is weird, but I still respect Parnell more, I can focus Thor like no ones business and not risk a ton, but Parnell…I get in his face and I pay in blood ;-;


Sure but when it comes down to doing the job of an assault, Torvald blows him out of the water.


Eh, I wouldn’t say that. Parnells shotgun has no travel time, so his damage is much more consistent throughout a match, whereas Thor requires me to be sitting still.
I don’t sit still.
Damage wise however, Torvald+Capacity increase is just super cheese, make 1 mistake and you’re absolutely screwed over, the damage that BS does is just unfair.
Take away perks and buff, Parnell is and always will be the best damage dealer


Parnell is NOT consistent at all. What are you talking about? He has to get up close with his shotgun. The monster can easily jump away, attack him or knock him back. His supersoldier relies on the monster staying relatively still which they DONT. He’s by far the least consistent. Torvald can just sit in safety and spam his attack and SAFETY is the most valuable asset when the monster is capable of downing you easily.

Parnell used to be the best. But now With or without capacity, Torvald can punish a stationary monster far far harder.


Parnell is a lot more consistent than Torvald, thats why Thor is burst
Burst is legitimately the opposite of consistent.
Parnell can chase you around, a good one will be melting you down consistently, even if you do try to run.

Emphasis on stationary.
Monsters should never be stationary, especially against Thor.

Also he really isn’t as spammy anymore unless you take reload, and everyone takes capacity cuz its ez damage with him, but whatevs. And why do you keep saying Torvald is safe? No one is ever safe within any distance of the monster, monsters can close that distance in a matter of seconds, if I want Torvald down, hes going down.


Parnell is also Burst, hence his supersoldier. Tell me how do you shotgun a monster who constantly moves? You can’t. You know what I do when a Parnell uses SS? I just hop away a little and bam, he’s neutered while SS just damaged him. Torvald can at least aim ahead of the monster.

Torvald is safer than Parnell, an assault who relies on being right next to the monster.


By pulling the trigger ^.-
Monsters are quick, but by managing your jetpack well enough, plus the bonus speed and jump height you get with SS, you can stay on a monsters ass indefinitely.


Monsters don’t have to be stationary to get punished by torvald lol

Torvald is ridiculous, the only reason that it’s not a huge problem is kids these days don’t know how to use projectile weapons, too used to hitscan shooters

Anyone who’s ever played tribes for any serious amount of time can mortar the fuck out of anything, the travel time is not that long in this game.

Sure if you blow your traversals you can dodge a couple but any good torvald is gonna be predicting where you’re going and not shooting where you are

He’s probably less of a problem on console where you have to use clunky controllers to aim but anyone on PC with a decent gaming history is going to know how to lead with mortars, it’s a standard weapon type that’s been in basically every arena shooter ever in some form or another

Another thing to note is that the total amount of damage being put out by Parnell is irrelevant. Sure you can do 40k damage but Torvald is capable of doing 15k+ in under 5 minutes, without taking any damage personally or ever being in a dangerous situation.

The two really aren’t comparable.



Listen, I want you to stop using the “skills” argument. With enough skills a player can do anything. But the fact is that a player can stay more consistently on the monster with ranged weapons. Torvald, hyde, markov don’t have to be RIGHT NEXT to the monster. They can track it by simply aiming and pointing.

The fact is that Parnell is a burst character who trades health for a temporary damage boost. He puts himself in danger and his SHORT RANGE weapon is easily counterable by knockback or jump away.

Torvald is a ranged, no reload, extremely bursty character that trades nothing. Not health, not position close to the monster, not anything whatsoever.


I think @Quirkly is right. Parnell can do fairly consistent damage, but that requires that the person using him is a decent shot. That said, it’s no secret that Torvald is easy mode right now and needs something done.


Mortars need a minimum range, ~20 meters would make it an actual skill shot instead of the spam it is now.


People that know how to lead are definitely a threat with Torvald, ran up against of of them, and it was absurd how often hed hit me with some cross map bullshit (literally hit me, half a map, somehow lead me perfectly >_>) but thats where inconsistency comes into play. If you just run in a straight line and jump around really predictably, then you’re gonna get hit, a lot. I tend to just randomly change direction and makes all the leading shots look dumb. I also think that the travel time is much too short, rock throw is pretty much a death sentance since you cant even get through the animation before he shells you.
Im not saying Torvald isn’t op, I actually do feel he’s a bit much atm (mortars are wayyyy too forgiving, reload is still too fast for my liking) but there are ways to work around it, he isn’t just a magical I win button like some people say (not directed at OP, OP actually has some valid points that need addressing, like mortar spam)


Consistent doesn’t matter, burst is what it’s about

Say you have 25% health left, dome is running out, you’re trying to escape

Parnell can for sure take your health off, but he requires all sorts of special conditions (Super Soldier and Shield both up, jetpack full enough to stay near the monster, monster not using abilities to CC him, monster not running away) and he needs those conditions to be constant over a period of time to do that damage

Torvald aims where you’re going and presses m1 and you’re either dead or close enough to being dead that the trapper and support can chase you down and finish you off. Torvald doesn’t have to risk taking health damage, he doesn’t have to worry about getting CC’d since he’ll be far enough away to dodge the ability before it hits, and he can aim at the area where the monsters traversal will end.

There is literally no contest between the two

Parnell wasn’t even the best choice for killing the monster BEFORE Torvald came out


Depends on the Assault. Torvald must hit his mortars, or he is terrible. Good monsters will dodge them, every time you use them. They have a loud sound, telling them when you used it…

Parnell however, cannot really be dodged; unless the monster is running around the dome.

Get some better aim with Parnell, it helps wonders. As for Torvald, go fight a decent Kraken; then tell me he’s better than Parnell.


definitely not implying he’s a magical “i win button” he’s just lightyears ahead of the other assaults. I’ve definitely been in situations where the game would have gone the other way if any other assault character was being played.


Your actual point is that Thor can just sit on a rock and spam mortars, right?
Do you understand that this way team is playing without an assault and valuable targets like medic or trapper are in danger? You realize that it makes them easier to kill, right? And then medic is down you can kill cliff-sitting Thor like no problem at all?


Hyde definitely has to be in a monsters face for good damage, but I digress.

Its sort of required to bring skill into the matter, as the skill someone has with a character can change the outcome. Parnell requires more skill than Torvald. Torvald is pretty easy to use tbh, just shoot mortars, throw a splody cd, shotgun, then shoot more mortars. Not hard at all.

Torvald is easy mode, and something ought to be done about him, but idk, I’m like really tired and can’t form sentences.
Bottom line: I think a skilled Parnell is better than Thor, but the ease of use with Thor makes him aggravating to say the least.
Now im gonna take a nap


kraken is one of the easier monsters to hit with torvald, travel time doesn’t matter as much and his movement is much more predictable than other monsters

you can use stuff like the movement speed glitch while using ablities to get an advantage as kraken but that’s not really something that should be taken into consideration when talking about balance since it’s a bug


This is not true at all, if your medic is getting attacked you just launch mortars at the medic and watch the monsters health drop

Obviously you don’t sit completely still, you just stay out of range and land hits from the outside

It’s like a boxer with a reach advantage fighting from the outside to negate a power puncher

Lateral movement around the dome, circling the monster from the outside, staying out of danger and landing shots.