Torvalds automatic shotgun


Torvalds automatic shotgun: sometimes after shooting this weapon the sound effect for it carries on after the weapon has stopped firing. Please fix this bug.


Can confirm. @MrStrategio


Oh yea, it happens quite often


Happens with every premature weapon switch or if I deal the last blow to the monster.


Happens a lot. I have to switch weapon for it to stop the sound


I concur. I’ve had this happen quite often as well, annoying as hell lol


Yeah, happens a lot. Kills my ears.


Happens for me about every other shot.


This never happened until I read this thread so I blame you guys o.0 Although I usually instant switch once his shotgun is used. I just happen to be shooting some tiny mobs while chasing the monster.


Happened once at the end of the match and continued through to before the lobby. I did a Rambo yell over the coms.


We’re aware of the issue and will be working to resolve it.


There is also an issue with its sound effect playing too loud to everyone in the match, regardless of the distance to Torvald. It’s annoying as hell.