Torvaldi is too good against Fatman


Let’s analyze this scientifically:

-Berb has a large character model making for an easy target.

-Berb’s casting abilities have a long animation and don’t allow him to move while casting.

-Torvey’s mortars hit in an AoE, and have splash damage


Berb uses an ability = Torvaldi launches a mortar strike guarenteed to hit

Torque presses one button and does 3 bars of armor damage with minimal aiming skill.

As much as I love playing hammerhead(in maps that don’t have water) and Opkra, sometimes it would be nice to play high silvers and golds without feeling like I can’t use the itsy bitsy spider who fell down the water spout, or man so fat he rolls everywhere.

How can Behemoth deal with Griffin/Torvald or just Torvald?

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That was a whole lot of random meme spouting and very little helpfull information.

Have you tried to focus him first or moving when you hear the mortar sound?


Perhaps you wouldn’t mind editing out all the unhelpful and unnecessary bits of your post and narrow it down to the base issue.


You’re solution is to traverse, then when the next mortar strikes comes…traverse again…so never do any damage?


Oh, I should probably be more clear. I assumed since you had Bob you had played for a while:
Torvald’s mortars have a recharge time so you get some time to deal damage between his reloads.
And when you move you can also use the time to get closer or in an otherwise better position to fight the hunter you are currently focusing.

Something which is also worth noting if you are new is that Behemoth’s traversal actually can hurt hunters and knock them around unlike all the vanilla ones which is very useful.

A last tip is that you don’t need to dodge every single barrage. If you are about to finish a hunter off then a single barrage (or two) is a good price to pay. And as long as you dodge every other barrage you effectively reduce the damage he deals with them in half.

If you need any more advice I sugggest you look up on youtube.
You should also try Torvald if you happen to have the DLC so you can become familiar to his kit and the fireing sound of his mortar.


He’s saying dodge the mortars and then deal damage. Focus Torvald down early. Stay close to him and he can’t use the mortars.


Hehehe, we have ways to :smiling_imp:



These are nice beginner tips, but they don’t really help against high level premades.


Hopefully the next TU will make Behemoth a little more viable in high level play. For now he’s just not that amazing, unless you can get a free evolve to stage 2, and possibly 3. At which point you’re not really in high level play anymore though.


Behemoth is the easiest monster to dodge mortars besides wraith IMO.


I’ll ask again, please edit the original post to remove the unnecessary descriptions, as they serve no purpose other than your own catharsis.


That’s a good one.


Not really.

Behemoth has to stand still during all of his abilities.

Goliath can move during 3 of his abilities, Kraken 4, Wraith 4, Spider 3.


I was being literal.


Behemoth currently has an exploit where you do not have to stand still while using abilities.


He is the worst to dodge anything.
Every ability nails him to the ground for enough time to take a barrage. Recently i used it against him as support.
I sah him coming and cloaked myself. Then just waited next to him until he used an ability and…boom, brought down an orbital on him. He had to wait until the ability was finished, then…there is sometimes 3-4 seconds of traversal cooldown that you have to wait ( even if you have full traversal ).

Behemoth is pretty much guaranteed to take some damage from mortars or orbital when used during his abilities.
But, i guess thats one of the reasons why he has quite allot more lives and armor than other monsters.


You know what is a good one?[quote=“WraithKing, post:1, topic:83578”]
one button and does 3 bars of armor damage with minimal aiming skill.


What does that have to do with the topic?

Behemoth is now balance because he can glitch?