Torvald WAY too OP


Torvald’s mortars should be nerfed in both cooldownn time and damage. It is ridiculous how much damage he does. And I main assault. I can just tell that it will be WAY too much.



And upon what experience do you base this opinion?





This is just a joke right? I mean we haven’t even been able to play the new hunters yet.



Watch the videos. He can drop a mortar strike which basically melts an entire bar and a half of health about every six seconds. It’s not easy to miss like Hank’s orbital either. People playing him for the first time were hitting with almost each one. I can already tell they’re gonna nerf the hell out of him once hes in the wild.



My point is that it’s WAY too early to make this claim.

ETA: I did watch the videos. He wasn’t hitting for a bar and a half of damage. That’s demonstrably not true.

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Just watch the damn videos. You’ll see what I mean.





Ummm… no?

Because this thing is really hard to fully hit, and requires just that to melt trough a bar and half of health. Even though it’s more like a bar.

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A mortar sucks against mobile monsters. If you launch them when a monster is moving,you’ll be lucky if you hit one.



Sorry pal, but it gets just so tiring with all the “nerf this nerf that” threads even about non released content.

Changed it just for the luv.



You know the Dev’s stated they are going to give it a week or so before getting feedback on the new characters? This was to ensure the player-base can get used to them to make constructive feedback.

Plus, you haven’t even played them. What personal experience is this based off of? C.mon man, start the OP threads afterwards



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remember the Laz op threads? No one had even played him, but he was just so broken and people knew it? Now we cant have an end to Laz up threads



I’m going to get hate but I agree with the OP. You don’t need to play him to see based off the videos that you can spam the shit out of his mortars and they do take off a decent amount of health. Actually, a lot of these new hunters allow you to spam. Crow with Gobi, Sunny with her Sentry, Slim with his heal burst. I’m not a huge fan of this direction.



You’re forgetting that
A) most of these fights where torvald is doing the most damage is against behemoth, who is by far the easiest to hit with a mortar strike.
B) behemoth is taking even more damage because its a lot easier to hit his body than his limbs than it is with the other three monsters (limbs take quite a bit less damage when hit)
C) they might have been playing torvald for the first time, but whoever was playing behemoth was also playing him for the first time

Once the new hunters and behemoth have been out a while and people learn combos and gain experience with them things will change drastically, will certain parts of the new characters still be op? maybe, but until they actually come out there’s no way to be sure.



I noticed majority of the time the Behemoth was standing comepletly still in those videos so its not really fair to say they are easy to land





It seems he can wreck a Behemoth though
While we have to wait to see, I kinda think he might be a bit OP as well

His mortar strike is basically a semi-automatic version of Hank’s Orbital Strike
One direct hit takes away an entire bar of health; that is a lot for a weapon with no cooldown

Granted I did see a stream where the new hunters got destroyed against a Goliath, but the new assault guy honestly looks head and shoulders better than the rest



He’ll be great vs Behemoth no doubt, but meh vs everything else. That’s vs good players. And the mortars does have limitations.

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