Torvald vs kraken and Goliath, need tips


So I just finished a match and losed againts a Goliath player and I barely did any damage, until the stage 3 fight where I took half of his health with the help of a well placed orbital, the reason I didn’t do that much damage is because the damm Goliath kept jumping around and around and I barely landed any missile on him, then I tried to use only shotgun and sharpel grenade but didn’t really do that much damage (I aimed well) and the same thing happened with Kraken(same player), he kept moving so I wouldn’t land any missiles, the player clearly knew how to deal with Torvalt’s mortar cannon, but is there a counter to this? Any tips? I would really appreciate it.
Thank you :smile:


Just try to shoot where you think he’ll be going, otherwise you’ll get shutdown hard.


I tried that, but he always got out of my line of sight and I had to guess where he was going, like, he was really moving a lot, not even the stassis grenades helped, he was hitting and running till in the end everyone end up with 2 strikes, but I guess I’ll keep trying to shoot where he’ll be going.


Step 1: Don’t play Torvald
Step 2: Play Hyde, cuz skin challenge >_>
Ok but srs, Torvald is really hard to play because if he hits, its amazing, but if you can’t hit with mortars, you’re screwed.
Thats why hes both highest and lowest on my list of feared assaults.
Highest because his damage is frightening.
But lowest because its easily avoidable.
Thats why hes T4 ^.-


I’m playing both >__> and half of my matches the monsters players didn’t choose Wraith, I picked Torvalt because the player wasn’t choosing Wraith and I wanted to practice with him, but like you said, if you can’t land those missiles, you are useless and your team is going to blame you for the lose, so I gotta agree with you, I don’t like taking chances and I guess I’ll go with my elite Hyde and melt some faces.


Hyde is my favorite assault, his kit is just so amazing, everything about it is awesome sauce


Yeah, my favorite is the toxic grenade and soon it won’t slow down hunters lol


Thats gonna be awesomeee


There are moments when I wonder “why is Quirkly my favorite on the forums?” Then statements like that come up and I remember.


Oh stop it you :relaxed:


It’s true. :wink:

Praise the sun :sunny:


Praise illumaniti!


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For Goliath a good tip is to aim at, or slightly behind the player the Goliath is focusing, that way he’ll probably end up moving into them