Torvald. The new anti-air machine


If I’m correct Torvalds Mortars arc and can hit ceilings and even monsters. But my main concern is for Kraken’s safety. :smile: He is pretty vulnerable if Torvald can constantly arc mortars his way. (not to mention what would happen with ability cool down perks) I’m not asking for a nerf or something but just for options or possible tips.


Against Torvald you want to keep bouncing left and right with Kraken’s air bursts so that they don’t hit you. You also don’t want to be directly above him. Basically, treat him like any other assault and keep pushing him away/playing keep away.


I find Torvald not good against Kraken or Wraith but that’s just based on the few hours I haved played the new hunters.


To be honest Kraken is actually pretty strong against the new hunters. Torvald’s mortars are quite delayed and you’d have to be REALLY skilled to predict where it will be moving in the air and Sunny’s mini-nuke arches so you would have to also predict hight and distance with each shot. The several times I’ve been monster vs. the new hunters I was perfectly fine as kraken. Just make sure you stay in the air and focus well and you should be fine :smile:


Torvalds mortars are pretty weak against a mobile flying kraken. They are easily dodged but they can be punishing if the kraken is grounded for any length of time of course thats true of any assault thats gets close enough to a grounded kraken.


All Assaults struggle against a flying Kraken, but Torvald struggles the least with the potential threat of anti-air mortars.


Easy solution. Just go under the Kraken and launch them anywhere. The arc will hit the bottom of him.


Kinda the idea a jet pack booster may help out with. Its pretty hard to hit something as Kraken when the hunter is below you.


I didn’t think Torvald would be good against Kraken, but he’s actually a little easier to use against him than some other Assaults. His shotgun is best at close range, but even at long range the spread is pretty tight, and his mortars can be cleverly used to hit anything along the arc, so you can get practically underneath it, fire a volley of mortars in a line, and you’ll have a decent chance of hitting a Kraken with a couple of them even if he’s zipping back and forth. I still hating fighting airborne Monsters, but Torvald helps.


This might be true but most well skilled krakens I have played against don’t float in one spot for too long. I’m willing to give a try though. The results could be interesting lol.


Same here going to try it out with a moderate person. Does level 15 Kraken sound Ok


Then you are pushing the Kraken out of zones you don’t want it in. Assaults are generally treated as mobile anti monster zones. If the monster moves you can help control the battle. If it doesn’t move then they eat damage. This hasn’t changed. Besides, if you are against a really mobile Kraken and can’t land mortars, just use grenade + shotgun. That shotgun is amazing damage. And with Kraken showing his ugly face, lots of weakpoints.


i hit wrath golitah and behemoth with my mortars kraken tho is hard to hit