Torvald Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


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Stage 2: Torvald Strategy, Tips and Advice



Its all about the chain.
When firing the Mortar try for the best situations.
Best situations- Teammates being focused? Drop mortars on them
Monster climbing a cliff?
Drop the mortars.
Monster running in a circle in the dome?
Lead em, put the pointer on them, start aiming the direction they mover, fire and drag, watch them land ^.^

And for reference, don’t cheese it, please.
If a monster is focusing you, do not drop mortars at your feet, its extremely frustrating for monsters when they take massive damage and have 0 ways to dodge it.
If you get focused, just shrapnel->Shotty, its plenty of damage (especially them head weakpoints ^.-)
Thats the basics ^.^
Oh and for perk, I pick either quick swap or capacity, both are baller yo
Oh and one last last thing.
You said don’t give this thread a puppy.

I gave it PUPPIES
Wordplay, HA


If you are looking for monster specific strats, please visit those threads in the monster category.


Yes please, we can’t move posts at the moment otherwise I would move them for you :slight_smile: But ya, I think it would be better to ask those questions in those monster forums.


Put reload speed or capacity increase to keep the damage going


Hmmmm I know its inappropriate to drop mortars at my feet all sloopily… But sometimes you only have one sliver of health left and you’ve been warpblast spamming/aftershock dropping the crap out of my face this whole match… Which I’m sure u promised yourself you wouldn’t do right before I started rocking you with mortars…

But u just killed all my teammates… And I wanna win… So until the devs stop me… Its a ace in the pocket


~Sigh~ I suppose you’re right, just give the monster a pat on the back to let em know you care ^.^


For you, I always drop mortars at my feet. You hug me so much in game, it hurts… Always chasing me around the map when I play assault. ^.-


So question. Does simply aiming upwards to hit a flying kraken effective? You know just fire the motars like it’s a AA flak canon or somethin.



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I suppose I can start, seeing as how no one else has. As torvald the monster character model will tilt his head towards the direction he intends to go to. Use this to your advantage. Often times as a medic we occasionally find ourselves tounge grabbed, if this happens don’t use any of your jetpack and charge straight through the behemoth. You should be able to go through his character model and escape with full jetpack ready to regroup with your team


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SO, here’s some advice: with the new update try Torvald again. You may be pleasantly surprised. This is on PS4 mind you but DAMN.

That is all.


On XB1 I can’t really tell much of a difference. His mortars are still so incredibly slow. I’ll play around with him more…but it seems like Hyde is still the go to assault. Unless Lennox is that good.


Yeah, I don’t know what happened but I did a solo match on PS4 when the patch first came out and it seemed like he was fixed nicely and everything was spot on, then the next round the mortars felt much slower again. It was confusing and weird and I didn’t like it. ;_;


What’s stronger on Torvald right now?

  • 40% capacity increase
  • 25% reload speed increase

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…I’d say quick-switch is better…easier to get a cycle of shrapnel/shotgun/mortar/shotgun