Torvald, Slim, Kala, Crow - which to get next?


These are the hunters I’m currently missing and I’d gladly hear your suggestions about which one is most worth getting next.

Share your experiences with them :slight_smile:


Crow is the best character. Beyond any doubt. He is and always will be my favorite.

Torvald is pretty good too though :smiley_cat:


Don’t buy Slim. Most toxic character ever created; you won’t get any extra friends by buying him.

Kala can be a lot of fun with her portals, and her armor reducer brings out a ton of new tactics to explore. I like Torvald too, but not much of an assault player. Crow is without a doubt one of the best at tracking the monster, and the next update is going to make it a little easier and more forgiving to play him.

The only thing left to consider is the people you play with. Are they capable of dodging? Can they stay alive long enough? If the answer to this is no, I wouldn’t recommend buying Kala; you won’t gain any good experiences without a good team backing you up. I’d advice buying either Crow or Torvald.


Kala is fun if you play if you dont play with randoms.
If you play alone take Crow, he is really fun compare to the others !


What does Kala gain by having a competent team? Why does she need backup more than others?


Buy all of them!





This guy knows what’s up.


Personally I would hold on to my money until Evolve rises in playerbase again to make sure it’s money well spent, but it’s up to you.

Out of those 4, I’d say Torvald is the best, but Kala has the most “replay value”.
By that I mean that Torvald is easy to learn, tough to master and you can do extremely well with him no matter the Monster you’re facing.
But with Kala however, no match feels the same. A Kala comp is an utter glass cannon, and you’ve definitely not seen everything there is to see with Kala even after 50 matches.



Best personality, very different gameplay, best personality, beautiful design

did I mention here character yet?


You need to talk of the position of your portals, randoms don’t use them otherwise.
With me they don’t at least, and the armor reductor need coordination.


Kala needs coordination with the assault. You need to use it when Assault is going heavy on the monster. For example when the person who plays Parnell says he is going to use SuperSoldier, that is when you need to use your armor reducer for maximum dmg on the monster’s health.

Not to mention the stuff Kala can pull with Lazarus, such as teleporting incapacitated bodies (not sure if that is still possible)

  • :torvald: Torvald :assault:
  • :slim: Slim :medic:
  • :kala: Kala :support:
  • :crow: Crow :trapper:

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Would definitely say Kala. She’s super fun to play as, and she’s probably the best offensive (if you could even call her that, she’s somewhere in between) Support.


Two more questions:

-can Kala’s teleports be destroyed by monsters?
-isn’t Crow weak at tracking, since his “scan” is extremely linear?


No, if you find the Monster there’s almost no way of him getting away.

  • Yes, her teles are rather easy for monster to destroy. 1 melee and they’re destroyed.

  • Crow can keep sending out Gobi and you can send him down monster feeding paths, or once you found the monster send Gobi to where the monster was. This way you can see if the monster back-tracked. @Shunty can give a more explained version on his tracking if you’re interested.

Above all I’d say Torvald is the funniest with Crow in 2nd. Torvald can put week spots on the monster that can benefit your team.


IMO Kala is one of the most effective characters in evolve. Her teleport pads let you traverse the map in seconds! A bit of strategie and the monster doesn’t stands a chance :kala:


oh no torvald is losing clicks torvald so now kala and him are tied your welcome @Torvald_Stavig :stuck_out_tongue:


the only correct answer is emet. even if u have him, buy him again.

get crow and slim