Torvald Shrapnel Grenades


Not sure how to recreate, but halfway through my game, I lost the red dotted aim assist on my shrapnel grenades


I never get them anymore :confused:


Oh that happens to me all the time with Torvald, Abe, Hyde basically anyone with a throwy thing I’ve just kinda got used to it :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you! I will look into this. What platform are you using? If this is a bug, I might have to move it to the Bugs section to make sure we can reference it when researching. :smile:


I’m on PC and have not had them ever since I elited Torvald


Thank you for the details. This helps. :smile:


PC, and I’ve had it a couple of times, but have not elited Torvald


Thank you thank you. Good to know.


Happens to me too. This fix works on all things with the throwing aimer- just take a break and then take control again.


Out of curiosity, was Slim in the match?


Now that you mention it here… I realize that I also lost the targeting arc.

I never suspected anything…

But wait, it doesn’t normally show the targeting arc if you just press the fire button right away, right? If you hold the fire button, THEN you get the arc. Just like with Goliath’s rock throw, and Behemoth’s lava bomb. You have to hold it to check the arc, otherwise it just launches when ready.


No clue, I will try and repro with Slim


Just had a match where this happened
Torvald, Val, Sunny, Abe