Torvald Shrapnel Grenades Don't Work On Eggs In Nest


Everytime I play Nest with Torvald I noticed that I can’t use shrapnel grenade weakpoints on the eggs whether or not they’re encased with armor or not. Not sure if intentional or not but if it isn’t it should be easy to replicate yourself. I’ve provided a video. @MrStrategio @MajorLeeHyper


Yeah, people have said the same in the past. Apparently people still play nest. ^.-


It’s because Evac gives a massive bonus to exp~~


I leveled in Hunt, Evac looked too cheesy to bother with.


Evac changes the game enough to not be too repetitive. You normally play hunt, (nest or evac, likely nest), hunt, (same as earlier), defend. I also find defend fun enough to make the other matches worth it all and way back when in 1920 when I wasn’t lvl 40 the faster the xp the better.


Pretty much all of my hours have been logged in Hunt.


I know that. Only because I have seen you mention it in maybe 7 or 10 or 9,001 or maybe more other threads.


I just said it in the last thread you were in. Not sure I’ve repeated that 9,001 times. It’s not over 9,000.


ITS not OVER 9000!?
Yeah, I know but I’ve seen you talk about it before XD

Also, I’ve been wondering what this thing is ^.- that you always leave around. I would assume it is to show you are replying to the person above but why use it when it’s already kind of obvious. Or is it just a wink-y smiley face (please be the smiley face)


It’s me raising my eyebrow. ^.^
I see it as turning the face, and raising the right eyebrow. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve been using it forever in MMO’s, habit of mine.


Thanks for letting me know *suddenly feeling smarter *


No worries. :stuck_out_tongue:
People have asked me the question in the past. You most likely wont be the last to ask either.
It’s not really used much. Never seen anyone else use it actually. Wonder why I started using it. O.o