Torvald should be a playable monster


Imagine trying to hunt him down as he gets ever more powerful.

I’d totes by it.

Make it harder to destroy the power relay and the new monster is over powered

Wait…Torvald gets more powerful? Even more powerful than he already is?

I’m out.


We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster.


Return of the Terrminator 5: Ultra Age of the Genesis Part 3, Omega Edition


We have the technology…


Then what are we waiting for?


Six million dollars?


Or Daft Punk!


You forgot “The Return”.


it has been fixed


When picking Torvald as your monster, I recommend putting all three points into Mortar and taking the damage perk. When starting the match, just stay where you are until the hunters arrive, then fire directly upwards. End of guide.


I laughed pretty hard.


Well I mean he is half robot.

And by an engineering perspective he could be completely modular; he can give himself whatever weaponry and upgrades he desires. Essentially giving him the “Evolve” aspect.

Would be pretty cash.


Achievement: Space Invaders

Destroy the dropship.


Damnit! I can’t get it out of my head now!

Sounds legit! xD


You totally stole my idea. I’ve been saying Torvald is confirmed as the 5th Monster wherever there’s someone listening. We haven’t seen his Voltron yet, where Bucket is is his right arm and he targets his mortars with missile spam.