Torvald shotgun won't shut up


If you finish a match while firing Torvald’s shotgun, the shotgun sound just keeps repeating until you are taken to the progression screen. I have done this three times now and I’m very confident that’s all there is to it.



I’ve actually encountered a bug with torvald’s shotgun in game where the firing sound persisted past the actual firing animation and continued past reload and for a few seconds after that.


Is present in this fragment twice (from Evac COOP)


In my experience, especially as Monster, the shotgun’s shot sound seems to have an extreme range - something around 200-300m. It’s not even a faint noise that gradually got quieter over distance, it always makes me think Torvald is right next to me.
This is on XB1.


This is off topic but I don’t even care :smiley: