Torvald shotgun sound too loud


So i have noticed that the shotgun sound is first of all too loud, and i can be heard over great distances and it kinda overshadows all other sounds. Not sure if the monster can hear it too, but this is a bit of an annoyance next to the soundlopp bug on his shotgun.

Also on my x-fi has this nice sorround simulation, and instead of pinpointing his shotgun sound, the speaker play it as if it were right in front of me the whole time or in close proximity, as if i would fire the shotgun myself, even if i am not playing Torvald atm.

Kills the game a lil bit for me when paired with Torvald, not sure this has been bugged before and if it’s on my end. Search only brought up the numerous soundLOOP bugs.


It can. Though theres the same issue as with the Hunters in that it’s not a proper ‘directional’ sound.