Torvald Progression Issue on Xbox One


Not sure if this is going on for anyone else, but I’ve been playing Torvald a lot recently as the assault class (really like him!) but I am having trouble with his progression. I am having difficulty with the Shrapnel Grenade progression as for the 1-star it says “Allow 1000 additional damage with the Shrapnel Grenade.” I use the shrapnel grenade every time I get into combat and deal major damage to the monster (ex. in my last game vs behemoth I did over 30000 damage with the mortars alone, another 12k with the shotgun). I know I’ve exceeded the 1000 damage requirement for the progression, but after each match I only earn maybe 50-100 points out of the 1000 needed. And those are long matches where I’ve done a lot of damage with the grenade.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I’d like to progress him further but it’s hard when this progress feels so slow and it is only the first star.


I am experiencing this too, it seems like it is counting how many times you hit a weakspot rather than the damage you are doing. Very strange.


I agree. Which system are you on?


Xbox One.
I don’t use him that much so it doesn’t really bother me.


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Thank you:]

Torvald is my go-to assault now. I’m not a big fan of the others.

My GT is theycallmeIRISH if you want to add me. Maybe we can get a good team going on.


Yeah sure, I’ll add you when I’m on next which will be tomorrow.
My GT: Jedi Warriors08


Experiencing this issue as well…Except I am only getting around 35-60 points needed to per match, and that’s with me throwing tons of grenades!


I believe it is number of ‘hits’ = 1,000, not bonus damage. So damage doesn’t matter, just number of hits. Turrets + Bucket + maggie + parnell are all good contenders for getting multiple hits.


I’m having troubles with hanks shield, I’m protecting my teammates all the time, yet nothing is being counted. Also even though I’m not playing as Slim, I have seem to beaten his expert leech gun challenge.


For Hank, you have to shield 1600 points worth of damage on one character without them going down. If they go down it resets. Each ‘player’ has a different tracking method.


Oh right, perhaps I read the challenge description wrong then, thanks!