Torvald Pre-Shear has moves!


Before losing his limbs torvald was a dancing machine! All hail Torvald!


He should do that on the dropship. :laughing:


Yes. Just yes :joy:


Oh and instead of drop the bass he says drop the gates just before the jump :stuck_out_tongue:


Moves would be too OP for the drop ship to handle


I can imagine him being quite heavy so the dropship may bounce too. :smile:


Lol, ad bucket doing the robot to the mix and we’ve got ourselves a party!.. Oh and a downed drop ship XD


And a feast for the monster. :stuck_out_tongue:


Something tells me the monster would see the moves and Join in ^.^
I heard wraith could twerk tho quite honestly this horrifies me XD


Saw this one coming as soon as I read the thread title :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So Torvald was techno Viking? Hmm now we know where he disappeared to!


What’s this, a Sith and a Jedi getting along?? :o lol


What can I say, Torvald dancing makes even the most unlikely people get along. :smile:


I tried asking him to dance for me…he did not react well.


Angry Torvald is angry XD
He’s like: don’t remind me of my youth…


Indeed! Progress you two :slight_smile:


Maybe after the ‘incident’ he can only tap dance, it explains his lack of movement as you are not looking at his legs. :laughing:


Pre-Shear? Didn’t he lose his limbs before coming to shear? :slight_smile:


Exactly! Pre-shear! ^.^


Aw poor torvald :frowning: