Torvald Perk Question


I love to play as Torvald because of his ridiculous ability to deal damage but I’m wondering what perk is most effective for him. I currently use the 50% extra ammo perk but I don’t know if a 30% faster reload speed will result in a potentially higher damage output or if using quick switch to hit the monster with the shotgun while mortars are reloading would be better. Any input is much appreciated.


Most people like the 50% Capacity because it really does give you insane Mortar and Shotgun damage.


I prefer Capacity on him. His mortars deal 50% more damage if you land them. :smile:


I use capacity or quick switch (grenade, shotgun, mortar repeat ftw)


Which do you find to be more effective? I love using mortars but the grenade and shotgun combo seems just as effective and it’s more useful for close range combat whereas mortars are not(unless if you look straight up to fire at your feet).


If I have to pick one, then definitely quick switch


Capacity the majority of the time. More shotguns rounds and mortars. Find a damage buff with that…bye bye monster.

The only time I switch that perk is for reload speed when team with a Laz. Shield comes up faster meaning you can protect yourself from the monster. And the reload to have a constant flow of damage on a monster if he decides to camp a body. With the reload perk though I never find time to use the grenade.


Only capacity so you can nonstop switch between those two guns and deal tons of damage, quick switch is shit, damage is shit, reload is shit only 100% capacity!


I actually like reload. Maybe this is more specific to consoles, but I find it better to launch more, smaller bursts than fewer, bigger ones. more mortars (cap perk) will definitely do the most damage, if you can manage to land them all. I’m a pretty good assault, and I certainly know how to lead the monster and do some serious work with torvald, but it’s not often that you will be able to hit every single mortar. I prefer to have a little more control over my shots. And with the shotgun grenade combo, it’s kind of the same deal. Good luck to you if you start firing and the monster does an unexpected turn and you lose track of him for even a second. There goes your extra capacity. Again, it would totally have a higher dps of you can hit him reliably. I just prefer the consistency of reload, as opposed to the punishing results of missing all or part of a burst with capacity.

EDIT: I also like that reload brings your shield back faster. Extra survivability. Afterthought: does the cap perk add to yhe duration of the shield?