Torvald only have 43%WR in hunt beta and 47.3 in Arcade

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I guess the shotgun buff a few patches ago didn’t really helped him

Eh. It’s just because he’s hard to use. The damage is there, but there are very few people who can land mortars consistently.


That’s weird bc there is no ranked mode in this game

Hunt Beta is literally just ranked with a different name and the ranking system hidden.


Shotgun is not really that strong a weapon considering the circumstances… Think about it… if you had to hunt an Elephant… would you really be bringing a shotgun? :stuck_out_tongue:

Abe and Slim are different cases because their damage dealing weapons are also shotguns but are just “gameplay gravy”. They are actually using their combat proximity to slow the monster or get Healing respectively.

Torvald’s true primary weapon is the mortar. I bet if he could fire the mortars straight on in front of him (look at where his shoulder cannons face during the Pre-Drop animation!) Torvald’s true potential would be more apparent.

Nah, ranked was removed long time ago and the only difference between hunt beta and arcade is maps and the ability to get monster or hunter on demand. I suggest you read patch notes :wink:

Bruh, you can still see the ranks change after a match.


That’s why it’s called beta. Betas usually have bugs.

You can also see the interactive map sometimes in post game but that doesn’t mean it’s actual official feature implemented in game, right?

You also can see the spore cloud launcher on the slim model but it doesn’t mean he can still use it right? Bucket still has his head, does it mean he can launch it and use AS Uav? No, so… I win

I think this is simply because he has a much higher skill floor than the other assaults. Landing mortars takes experience and prediction of the monster’s movements. New players don’t understand the decision-making behind a monster’s actions, so they cannot properly predict where he is going to be next, and therefor cannot land the mortars. Also at low levels, monster players tend to do things that might not make much sense, making it much harder for low level players to land the mortars.

Personally, I think his damage is quite good, although I myself have some difficulty landing mortar shots. Despite that, I find myself still doing quite well against most monsters. A Torvald in the right hands can be quite scary indeed.

like floppy said, because it takes some really good time and tought behind landing those mortars consistently, most players wont be using him effectively.

he gets even more complicated on high levels,where monsters will hear the sound of the mortars and try to dodge em, so you have to basically aim where the monster is going to disengage and run.

but i honestly think torvald has the potential to be the highest damaging assault in the game,but you need a very good torvald player too pull that off.

you also need very good aim with him as once you start shooting you cant stop,dosent help that when switching weapons too fast and aiming downsights right after,sometimes the gun model dosent load and it becomes hard to pinpoint where the fuck ure shooting.

this is actually a benefit if ure playing val cause she dosent have recoil and her scope is massive,also takes like 1 second for it to completely deploy in short obstructing, for torvald and markov its a huge bummer.

Flawed logic at it’s best… I think @Terry_Locke is right, it is ranked with hidden ranks because if you read the patch notes (as you pointed out to him in a derogatory manner) they said it will have a different que for monster and hunters and 2 separate skill indentifier while arcade has only one (the same as it used to be with ranked-hunt before). So they just hid the ranks because they are still working to make a better skill identifier for ranked matchmaking so the one used is surely the same as it was in ranked. And as he said sometimes you can still see the rank after a match…

On the topic of Torvald… I agree with what people said: most people don’t know how to play him. He is the assault I saw doing the lowest amounts of dmg. In a few matches I litterally told people to just use the shotgun because the first 2 domes lasted 4 minutes because of the low dps. Sometimes people will not be able do get through his armour at all.

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43% and 47% is balanced.

I would say it’s balanced.

I’m sure they look at damage numbers to see how he performs at high level, and I think he is in a good spot right now.

I am always more afraid to see Torvald as assault than any other, simply because of how good he is in capable hands.

I can agree 47%is balanced but 43% is a bit over
don’t get me wrong I have WR of somewhere 55% myself
I just wish they could lower the skill floor of using mortar so if I am not playing as assault I can rely on random people using him when I solo queue

Torvald is in a good spot, he’s more of a skill character and that’s not a problem IMO.

I feel it relies also a bit on teamwork. Let’s say you are a hunter that is being focused, and you have a torvald on the team.

In that case, you can lead the monster right to where the mortars are or even ping which direction you are going so the Torvald player knows there to shoot the mortars at.

You could kind of say that he is the Kala of Assaults.
“Meh” in random teams and awesome in premades or teams with good coordination.

But when monster has it, it’s massively UP.


Lololol lololol yea