Torvald.. Nerf ;-;


So I’d like to know the reason as to why you guys are nerfing Torvald’s mortars. It only slight-No, it really bugs me. I’d like some information why Torvald is getting a 15%-20% Mortar damage reduction.

Do you think this nerf is needed? What is your opinion?


Do you really seek logic and reason behind it? You’d have better luck finding McDonald’s at the bottom of the ocean.


Maybe it needs buffed but why so much? They can be perfectly placed and deal a lot of damage just like Hank’s Orbitals so I can see why but how but a 10% nerf?


Don’t underestimate McDonalds or the power of Rapture!


It just… Doesnt seem right…


Yeah as a Monster I never went “Oh God it’s Torvald! No!” because I usually always dodge his mortars with ease.

Heaven forbid we make easy to dodge attacks actually punish people for face-tanking them.


I always felt Torvald was really strong, especially when used in conjunction with good CC. I don’t condone the change, but it’s really not that bad. I mean, it’s a secondary. It’s not supposed to deal amazing damage.

Don’t get me wrong, Torvald is one of my favorite characters, and I hate to see him nerfed, but a good player can dole out some real pain with those mortars.


I agree, dodging mortars are insanely easy, with any monster, if you decide to jump in a mine, you deserve to be damaged heavily, so why if you hear mortars do you stand still or jump into the explosions?


… It’s Torvald’s most damaging ability, every assualt has that. It doesn’t matter at all where the weapons are located.


Maybe because the way they are making general changes? Balancing the Assaults damage and increasing the monster’s hitboxes (aka likelyhood attacks will hit rather than miss)


Maybe they are nerfing the mines to grow legs and move out of the way when a Monster uses a Traversal into them…


If I recall correctly, his shotty used with the weakpoints from his shrapnel grenade does more damage. Obviously not clip-for-clip, but over the course of a dome, the shotgun pulls ahead with more damage.

I could be wrong, but I’ll ask @Chrono just to be sure.


It doesn’t matter anyway don’t worry about it.


i was worried about some of these changes at first, but I feel like in the end, they are either prepping us for the big TU9 update with these changes, or they are entirely a placeholder, which means in a few months they’ll have gone anyway. If we can bear it(which obv we can, because good god some of the things we endured, like og god comp at release, or sunny at her release) we will have a massive game changing update that will either make these changes irrelevant or give them proper context.


Anyway, my point was that his primary seems like it’s gonna be the same, while his secondary would be more on the level of the other Assault secondary weapons instead of outclassing them.

@Hillbilly_Deathlord Wat?


I honestly can deal with OP ass characters but you nerf a balanced character… Then…


If they make his mortars like Hyde’s minigun… I will kill myself.


Im fine with it.

Because this adjustment is coming with other changes that paint a notably different context for the pace of the game that the devs wish to push the game towards.


It’s actually 11% damage nerf

Because he does the most damage in the game

He can melt monster health within seconds when the monster is camping the body

Some assaults outperform other assaults

The game favor the hunters . It won’t be anymore

The monster can’t breath and engage because of how deadly the mortars are . TRS nerfed it


just thuggin