Torvald needs support


I want to discuss torvald for a bit.
While he can be a powerhouse in some cases, he needs some buffs imo. He is in a decent position, his shotgun is devastating if all shots hit, and his mortar can be devastating if hit. The main issue he has is 3 things: Mortar utility and shrapnel grenades

Mortar utility: while his mortar is very powerful, the slow launch speed and the free area that is required to use it make it into a pretty usless weapon. In open areas it can provide amazing crowd control, but in caves and more closed areas he cant even launch them, and even in areas where he can, its not exactly difficult to avoid them since theyre flying in such a slow wide ark
They should amp the speed and reduce the ark height, but thats just my opinion

Shrapnel grenades: they are useless. They are viable in the sense of the marks they leave, but hitting those spots ona moving monstet can be hard since you have to exactly hit them, and i understand that its supposed to work together with his shotgun but theres just no point in using them

The biggest issue is theres no point in taking him over other assaults: others provide more damage, other more crowd control and just generaly more utility and all specialize in something:

Supreme area denial and utilizing choke points and high close combat damage and decent ranged damage
Massive close combat damage and area denial as well as decent range damage
Long range damage and decent close range burst as well as temporary massive damage boost thanks to his supersolider ability
Stupidly powerful with the biggest close combat damage, ground smash like a goliath and a autogun with infinite range and decent damage
Theres a reason he has lord gabens name in his name: he reduces the monsters damage, can deal high damage over time and prevent monster from regening armor as well as decent close combat damage

Also once a year he launches a event known as the summer steam sale, where all our walets hide of fear, knowing their souls will soon be emptied into the…oh wait wrong topic
(All hail lord gaben)

Torvald: hard hitting and landing close combat damage and artillery (used mostly for area denial) with no ranged damage

The point: Torvald needs some changes since theres no point in taking him over other assaults. He has potential, but rn he needs a mechanic to buff his cyborg body

Regards, Radicator


I disagree with some of your Assault decisions but that’s kind of off topic so whatever.

But as for Torvald, yup he’s probably got the worst ranged damage. Markov, Blitz Markov, Hyde, Parnell, Lennox, all of them do much better ranged damage.

Torvald is definitely an up close Assault.

Mortars are useless in caves and the likes yes, but you really, really shouldn’t be fighting in there. Areas with low ceilings and tight areas are basically death sentences. Hank/Cabot lose a tonne of utility in there too.

But yeah, mortars are useless in caves.

When in the open, though, when Torvald can use them right, they do pretty good damage.

Stay at a lower elevation and fire them straight up at very close range. Mortars reach target very very quickly.


These are the kind of analysis i want to see more often on the forums. Not like oh god op, lost my 9001 win streak plz nurf.
Btw back to topic.
I don’t know about mortar bomb speed. I just see it like you need a lot of mastery to use the mortar in the proper way, but i agree to the fact that torvald gets really devastated by enviroment. In maps like weather control, torvald can’t do much most of the time because of cielings.
Shrapned grenade is a good tool actually. You just have to launch it in the right spot so that it is easy to hit the marks.


Yes im aware of caves beeing a death sentence.
But im quite curious how you see the other assaults, so please tell me im open to new PoV’s


He’s an up close assault whose main weapon doesnt work up close…His best range is mid-range.His shotgun spread can hit many weak spots,and his mortars are fine there.

Personally i like how his mortars are hard to hit.Every other assault is so easymode you might as well let a bot play and it will do the same job.Torvald is the assault hunter for people who like a challenge

If they would change someone on him,i would like to see a pump action shotgun instead of this auto-firing generic crap


(Shrapnel grenades) -> Rly? I only have 10-15 matches with him so im quite new to him, tell me more on how to use them
And thanks :smiley:


I partialy agree, but i like the full auto shotgun, it makes him more unique and allows more damage over a period of time that other shotguns cant do

As for mortars i do like that it needs skill, but its just TOO hard to hit rn


Because you’re aiming at the monster.Aim it at the direction of your allies.The monster either is forced to get 1 bar destroyed or not deal damage :wink:

Btw his shrapnel nades are one of the best assault tools.It multiplies the entire teams damage by 1.4.


He trades long range reliable damage for increased utility since the weak spots from his shrapnel grenade can be used by his teammates as well.

When you compare the mortar to Markovs rifle or Hydes minigun, it is pretty balanced. Its harder to land, but does more damage. Its a high risk high reward play.


Either hard focus denial or good burst depending on monster playstyle.

Good close range damage with the potential to do powerful close range damage if monster sits in toxics and flames, which does act as area denial. Pretty mediocre long ranged, that Minigun has pitiful accuracy and range, but it’s better than Torvald lol.

In good hands, singlehandedly the most terrifying piece of shit you will ever see. Parnell landing all his shots is Satanic and Parnell landing all his shots and using SS while cycling Rockets and Shotgun properly is death. Super Solider, too, acts as either area/focus denial or way, way too much damage to carry on after.

Pretty mediocre.

After all the recent nerfs, if she’s continuously hitting four stack plasma lances without breaking mutliplier ever, she’ll basically do more damage than Markov but less than a good Hyde, and she’s putting herself in the way to do it.

Keep in mind that you will really never have a continuous four stack against a monster who’s awake.

Lennox is, really, only good for sticking on the Autocannon. The Lance at its very best is still worse than Hyde being used well so meh.

Yeah I like him. DoT is very nice for dome pressuring and he has good damage consistency.

Only issue with him, he lacks burst. If the monster downs someone or someone makes a mistake or the monster makes a mistake, any other Assault can potentially dish out a tonne of damage to either force the monster off or try and make the fight worth it. Not Renegade. That’s his only downside.[quote=“Radicator, post:1, topic:101411”]
Also once a year he launches a event known as the summer steam sale, where all our walets hide of fear, knowing their souls will soon be emptied into the.

Agreed 100% on that though. :smiley:


As a Torvald main (23 hours played out of 78 total ingame hours) I always like seeing threads like this so here’s my part:

I think to become an OK/good assault the only thing that really needs to be changed is the mortar splash. If you were to increase the splash radius (8m at the moment i believe) to let’s say 12 or 14 meters with an exponential decline of damage it would fix/help with the two things that have earned torvald his reputation as worst assault:

1.) The difficulty of hitting his mortars and the resulting 2.) inconsistency of his damage output.

The problem with the mortars so far is that you basically have to land them almost perfectly because the splash is close to nonexistent. Which means that you either do huge amounts of damge if they hit or 0 if they miss by even a slight amount.
Increasing the splash radius would thus give him a more consistent damage output AND would make him less frustrating for newer players. It would also help in caves because, depending on how small they are, you could shoot the walls to deal damage.

But why not other buffs?
If you would just give him more and more mortars he would have too much burst. Yes he is all about that burst but you don’t want a monster to be one-hitted, do you?

And if you buff his shotgun even more you could just as well remove the mortars completely and make him a walking shotgun. Yes it would technically make him better, but also incredibly boring.

Lastly, regarding his current balance state:
I believe people hate him way too much.
1.) His mortars are not ONLY meant to deal damage. They provide awesome zone control utility as dnc already said. If the monster (given that it’s more of a close combat monster) downs someone you can shoot them at the downed hunter and either force the monster to lose a huge amount of health/shield or leave them alone and let them get healed (think of Palnells incaphealing for example)

2.) Why does everyone say is ranged damage is crap? If you aim downsights with your shotgun it’s almost as accurate as markovs/bkovs smg

Phew I think that’s all I have to say about him at the moment. Interested in reading what you have to say about it.


Torvald also provides extreme damage, use as soon as possible.
He is able to protect allies with it.
If any body is being concentrated tell them not to move wildly and run towards you and also tons of predictions.
I don’t even mess with Torvald all that much, but it’s all predictions.


Sorry for typo, im on mobile. Btw the best guy who can give you tips about torvald is @Torvald_Stavig himself


We had a giant thread about Torvald tips but I can’t find it.


Found it!!!


Torvalds in a pretty good spot right now in my eyes. Harder to use than other assaults but holy he’ll does he bring the damage when someone’s halfway decent with his kit.

When stage 2 launched he felt weak, but with the buffs he’s gotten in the last few patched I’d say he’s fine.

@Dr_Draegen is devastating with our angry viking.


I read “Torvald needs support” and my very first thought was; he has one. Every time team does… lol

I’m going to leave now.


This is not real numbers you are using.

An example:

She deals 10% more damage than Markov (180 dps VS Lennox’s 200 dps) if she have full combo at the cost of no reload and half the range and her AA fires projectiles with travel time, which in practice does not equal infinite range.


Torvald and Lennox are the most fun to play. Too bad fun does not mean effective here.
Lennox was amazing on launch of stage 2, high risk high reward assault, now she is high risk same reward as other assaults. Same goes for Torvald.

Minimal range is what frustrates me the most. I aim at totally legit spot, but monster gets a meter closer and now I can’t fire. They should make it so you can fire even directly on your head, just make arc higher or something. And if mortars hit monster as soon as they are fired, they do not explode but rather just hit for some small ‘physical’ damage, i.e. safety measures to not blow yourself up, that’s how it can be explained (I think grenade launches in battlefield work like that). Just so you won’t use it as a melee weapon, like in getting close to monster and exploding whole barrage in his ass.

If something like this is implemented, I think I can even live with current mortar speed. On many occasions, I fire mortars not where I want, but rather where it allows me.


That’s because the meta now is hard focus Support/Medic and ignore Trapper and Assault since the dome timer is reduced regardless who you down, so when Lennox get’s free hits off because Monsters made no effort to simply punch her to counter the stacks she’s apparently OP because they’re busy focusing Medic and Support.

At least they buffed her Autocannon a lot, that’s her saving grace right now.