Torvald need rebalance him ability - mortar



Dear developers, i can to offer only one thing. Please give us fast rockets, and more blast radius, but give us slow skill recharge or something else.
If you do it, i can say - i love this game, because torvald cool character, but mortar give low damage after battle.
One thing who can do damage - it’s shotgun, but Mortat is very useless. I can do 20 k damage from grenade + shotgun.
I hate this ability, and i hate this game and all world when i use it.
Pay attention to this problem, thx.


Mortars used to be amazeballs, but then they changed damage, radius, charge time, then they changed flight path, then they changed gravity/flight time.

What we ended up with was less than ideal. Even now if you somehow land 7 shells on a monster (with capacity) it’s less than a bar of health. I honesty feel like if the damage is going to be that low, the mortars can get their old speed and flight path back.


Wuh… wuht the hell?

How is less than a bar of health every 5 seconds bad?!


Hello, only problem is you have not enough practice with Torvald.

The thing with mortars is that you have to predict where Monster will be to make them work.

So do not shoot them to place where Monster actually is, but shoot them where Monster will be in next 2-3 seconds.

Here are few examples:

1.Medic is low. So there is very high chance Monster will focus him. So you have to fire your mortars on Medic.

2.Monster is hard focusing someone . You need to talk to the focused Hunter and tell him " stay on place, dont move!" or " get over to the rock behind you" and shoot your Mortars there.

3.Or if your teammates are not communicating, you have to predict where Monster will go in following 2-3 seconds and shoot those mortars there before Monster reaches target are. (f.e. Monster is focusing assault , and assault used his Defense matrix, so you have to watch Monster because there is high chance that it will change targets).

It is a bit tricky, I know, but all you need is more practice with him.

I can dish around ~24k dmg with mortars per round ( not best result, but decent).


You…you can hit the monsters reliably every time it’s up? Erm…kudos to you.

edit: Even more kudos if you actually hit with 7 shells every time.


My bad, very high damage 300-400, 150-200 it’s normal, but need only faster rockets, and blast radius. This ability is stupid for fighting vs wraith, kraken’s, gorgon. Rockets, very, very, very slow and looks like orbital bombs -_-
It’s stupid. I play for torvard long time, but mortar… it’s piece of shit.
7 shells with perk, you mean?


Yes, yes I can.

Not Everytime!

But reliably yes.


Yeah it’s 5 normally, if you get 20% capacity there’s 6 shells, I think you can end up with 7 with 40% (stacked) capacity perks. In my opinion the capacity also helps the auto-shotgun - but some people swear by faster weapon switch instead on Torvald.


Remember Folks, If you’re not doing as much or MORE damage with the Autofire Shotgun, then you’re not playing Torvald right!


Actually those three are the easiest to hit with Torvald.

Wraiths abilities are mostly stationary.
Meaning she will stand in the same general area.

Kraken is in the air… Mortars go in the air=Instant mortars. Just takes practice.

Gorgon’s web sling has a delay between taking off, which equals great opportunities.


I have played long time for torvard, and i can do high damage in the fight, but only with shotgun. Mortar have 4-7k after battle. Rocket’s very slow, and stupid vs fast monsters.


Yeah I played him tons before the flight path/gravity change, and that just fucked me right up - I had to unlearn everything I head learnt about the flight time, and the flight path (super important for hitting Kraken) etc. I guess I never got the new flight path deep enough into my bloodstream.


That’s not true but ok!!

We go through this Everytime!


That’s ok!

Torvald is all about practice and experience.


I need only fast rockets, he need it.


Yeah, he is not easy character. Shotgun is very good, but rockets…SO SLOOOW.



That’s why they are slow.

If you want a high damage rocket assualt then go Parnell.


I know the new graphics make them look like rockets with that orange afterglow, but they’re supposed to be just mortar shells.


You know saying this now requires you to make at least 10 youtube videos where you teach Torvald skills so everyone can be amazing vikings :slight_smile:


Parnell don’t cool for me. I need torvard with fast shells, ok i don’t need better damage, blast radius and other. But fast shells it’s rly cool.