Torvald Mortar Range


Torvald’s mortar rangefinder uses the full distance to a target, rather than the horizontal distance. This means that by aiming up or down an elevation you can fire it point blank.

You can replicate this by aiming at minimum mortar range and jetpacking straight up - you’ll see the range get closer and closer as you rise



I can second this but I don’t find it to be a problem. Who is going to be shooting straight up unless they are running for their life trying not to get pounced by a monster. And I like the idea of shooting straight down being accurate because it can only be done for a limited amount of time.

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The mortars do have a minimum arm time though.


Yep, minimum arm will stop you using them to shoot upwards into a kraken, but it won’t stop you dropping them on yourself - which I assumed was due to launcher angle limits. As far as use goes, you can use it to make pouncing pretty much useless - especially behemoth cutting you off from the team with a wall


I have found aiming straight up when monster is attacking you does a tiny carpet bomb at your feet, not always effective but has saved me a couple times now, and treat mortars like anti air, it works for me