Torvald Mortar Range Question


Has the closest range you’ve been able to use the mortars been reduced? I’m now able to place mortar shots from a mere 10 meters away which is something I’ve never been able to do before(unless of course, I wasn’t paying attention).


It’s always been 10 meters.


You can still shoot down in front of you…you just need to shoot straight up.


I’ve known about that(doesn’t work so well in practice as it does in words)but I never noticed you could place mortar shots so close to you.


Its not that close if you stand still and look. Its still a fair distance from you but its better to SG+AF-Shotgun at close range.


I still think 10 meters is too close. I found that if I was above the monster, even just a little bit, I’d end up playing like a medic in the sense of I stood back a bit and bombarded the monster with mortars and switched to my shotgun while it was reloading.


How does that make you play like a medic? (just curious of your reasons)


When you play medic your supposed to stay away from the monster. The close range of the mortars allows me to stand on an edge and hit the monster with mortars while my teammate(s) get pummelled. That’s not exactly how an assault should play but it works


That’s how a Torvald that relies on his mortars to much plays…i use a SG, then use the AF-Shotgun then back away for a mortar shot then repeat. That’s how i use him.


If a monster decides to sit still or focus on one teammate then why shouldn’t I abuse my mortars? The damage output is much higher than that of the shotgun and the monster should be punished for picking the wrong target.


I know but you should try to use the AF-Shotgun to get its attention away from the medic/trapper/support. I use the mortars like that but i try to get the monster to chase me over them if its the medic or trapper because they are worth it.