Torvald Mastery


Hey, it’s me again. The shrapnel grenade mastery confuses me. Every game I get about 15 points for it, even though I and my teammates are hitting them. Does it count the times weakspots are hit? 'Cause in that case the text is very misleading.


Can you tell me exactly what the mastery is? I havent gotten home to check em all out :3


The text says “Allow 1000 bonus damage.”


That sounds like it means you need to amp 1000 damage however many times.
For example: Throw disc, hit monster, hit targets, do 1000 damage from it=+1 towards mastery


That would be strange because you would need to do that a 1000 times then :stuck_out_tongue: because the mastery states: Allow 1000 Bonus Damage and then the bar underneath it says for example 10/1000


The grind is worth it
You have to imagine all the damage you do each time you shoot the things, like say 1 shotgun round does 10 damage, you hit 10 amp spots, making you do 150 damage.
Thats one shot.
Multiply that by 8 and you have 1,200 damage.
Per clip.
In just a few seconds


Is this for the final star?

If it is, I’m not even surprised. Third stars always have such a grindy thing.


No, its the first one.


Oh! Then… That -is- odd. Normally the masteries are pretty easy to understand. Think you could get a friend to join a custom game and test it out with him/her? You know, for science.


This sounds like anyone’s damage counts you just need a team with proper accuracy and you should finish in one game.


Everyones ignoring my math, pls look at my math, it makes sense for once


It makes sense, but not for a first star mastery.


Your math is wrong lol sorry


Idk, Torvald does quite a chunk of damage, add on all other hunters as well and it seems reasonable


Damn, no wonder im failin math


Lol sorry but you’re on the right path let’s just say ideally a shotgun pellet does 10 damage and 10 pellets hit. That’s 150 damage in one shot. Now I’m not sure but I think only the extra damage you enabled counts towards your objective. Ideally if this is how the math works and with each shot you hit 10 pellets exactly you should get it in 20 shots.

TL;DR Theoretically the mastery is simple just need to be accurate with decent amounts of damage.


Ah, yeah that probably it. So one clip should, if perfectly hitting a weakspot, do 400 (?) damage for the mastery. Assuming it is 10 pellets with 10 damage each.
EDIT: Ah, damnit, replied to the wrong answer.


Not only this but not all of the damage has to be Torvald it can be from others as well. And all your actual math is right btw just the concept behind the math seems wrong don’t worry about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t forget that you don’t have to do this on the monster for the first mastery star! Feel free to use tyrants or any other big wildlife to farm up this skill quickly.


I don’t know the actually damage numbers of the pellets or bullets for each weapon but ideally an entire clip or two hitting the weakpoints directly and entirely should do the job. The thing is not all weapons are that accurate and most monsters don’t stand still lol.