Torvald mastery glitched?


I just played a game where I used the grenades to create weakspots nonstop. I shot them all game long and easily did 10k damage or so with the shotgun. My team also mainly shot at them, except one character, everyone used bullet. But I only got +37? This seems to go awfully slow for a Tier 1 mastery.


I have noticed this too. I was wondering whether it is counting how many times you hit one of the weakspots.
Seems very strange.


Have to hit the monster 5 times in a row with out taking damage for it to count as one, luckily you only need to do it ten times (50 hits)


grind solo defend on the minions and it should take a game or two


Yeah I’m thinking its not damage but hitting a weakspot.

so the tooltip should be “hit 300 weakspots”

I farmed the 3 star grenade one out, its rediculous.


I had the same problem with this mastery. Each game getting about 10-20 point toward it. In the end I found a pretty easy way to get it in 2 or 3 games.

Here is what I did:

Go solo game, make a team of Slim, Bucket, Abe and Torvald (each of those can hit a few weakspots each shot + Bucket’s sentries help too). Now the important part comes: Forget about the monster!
Just look for big wildlife (Megamouths, Nomads, Dune beetles etc). Throw the grenade at them ang kill them.

First game I went from about 600 to 998 (yes, I was very angry when I saw that :smiley: ). Second game I got over 50% progress in 2nd star mastery.


Seemed pretty easy to me. Defend its probably the best place for it. I got +353 in one match