Torvald != Markov

The captions say Markov, but Jack actually says Torvald:


Markov is Torvald from another dimension, confirmed.


Funny how both characters say “I AM YOUR DOOM!”


There are a lot of in-game lines that don’t match up with the subtitles. Lazarus has a few I believe.

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I think I may have heard others that are very slightly off also, but I just happened to catch this one on video. I know it’s super-minor, but it’s also really easy to fix.

Right now I think TRS has more to worry about than a serious typo…

But maybe in the future when everything else gets fixed and is as it should be. (Kappa)

Umm I don’t think it is very serious. I’m just reporting it because it’s a bug.

Well I consider text saying “Markov” when it should be saying “Torvald” a bit of a serious typo. Not saying it’s dead serious but it sure as hell isn’t a minor typo. In fact it’s just freaking wrong.

A typo is more like tis or evin ths or mayb efen someting moe lik tat.

Not having two completely different words or names swapped out… that’s just a total goof.