Torvald makes no sense to me


Why as an Assault does his most powerful weapon promote being mid to long range away?

I think he should have had the mini nuke launcher, since it clearly takes great strength to wield…perfect for his cyborg arm.

And she could have had the mortars with the exo suit thing Support’s have.

Instead of everyone just being able to spam cannon with Sunny they’d have to aim with some skill.


Because all other hunter assaults are in your face. It’s just to change things up. He also has a shotgun for upclose use too.


i think he was designed to conter kraken


He is actually the opposite, or they didn’t think about Kraken’s insane flight speed before putting him in.


Torvald is the weakest assault against the Kraken, true story. He’s fine against everything else, but the Kraken is just a pain in the ass to hit.


If you haven’t properly played around with the mortar arc and arc speed, then yea it sucks against kraken.
However if you have, you know how close you need to be to garantee hits, and at what times you CAN do it.

also - i see alot of randoms run around as if they were hyde, markov or parnell. chasing a kraken in a dome with the shotgun out.

that is NOT the right way to do torvald :smiley: - Stand still at a good spot when the mortars are either on CD, or not optimal to use (long range inside a dome vs a kraken in the air for instance). and aim down the barrel. you’ll be suprised just how easy it is to replicate the amount of damage markovs lightning gun does, if you have a non-terribad aim :smiley: especially since kraken HAS to face you if he wants to hit you - use that to your advantage, and take positions near/around the teammate that you feel or can see that kraken is taking a particular interest in.


So basically use shotgun? o.O
Rather use Parnell on Kraken.


He’s talking about landing midair mortars in the kraken. It’s actually not that hard, try it on a bot kraken. However, it gets harder on real players because you have to be relatively close due to the extreme firing angle.


have you played the ai kraken lately? after the broken flight patch ai kraken is nearly impossible to hit lol. I get like 3 headshots on the ai kraken as cabot now.

also the ai kraken cheats. he can raise elevation while moving while we have to tap jump and let go of any direction for it to work.


You basically have to be right under him, or at an angle to hit him. Much better just to use another assault.


Torvald fills a specific role: He’s the strongest assault in TWO cases. During the chase, and when team-mates are being attacked.

  1. His mortars CAN be shot point blank. it’s like voluntarily stepping into hanks orbital.
  2. You can shoot both your shotgun AND mortars by switch during their reloads. I do not know if reload speed is a preference of his… He’s actually the only hunter that does not have a “How do I play this” thread.
  3. He requires less skill/aim than Parnell.
  4. When a monster is FLEEING, Torvald punishes it by firing his mortars ahead of it.

Many people prefer the A-10 Warthog approach of Sunny jetpack boosting him ahead of everyone just because his alpha strike is so absurdly high… Gonna run somewhere? I’ll shoot in front of you. Stop to eat? NOPE. Pounce me? EAT SHIELD AND DIE.

It’s literally the most stupidly easy to use and broken assault that fulfills a singular amazing roll that synergizes with yet the even easier to use Sunny hunter.


not always. but as with anything - timing is key.
Does majority of torvald players SPAM mortars ?. yes, did i do it personally at first? definately.

but thats not how hes played optimally, because if you spam them at every CD, you’ll kill bad monsters no dubt, but against decent to good monsters, you’ll miss 50-80% of your mortars, while chasing around :P.

against kraken, wait for that vortex->LS or mine->vortex->mine->pounce. when you see it coming, be sure to be in position with the kraken somewhat infront of you (regardless of where hes facing).

  • if hes in the air. aim between him and the ground and the mortars will hit him right in the face.
  • If his on the ground, predict to the best of your ability where he might go when he hears the sounds, and spread thm out alittle (not too much).

Against goliath, wait for the leap smash or the rock throw, it almost garantee’s a full mortar hit if you are in position when it counts, and havent blown mortars into the air everytime they are off CD.

Against wraith, wait for the abduct - or to a lesser extent, warp blast.

behemoth you can just spam :stuck_out_tongue: because everything he does makes him stationary.


That’s not really a solutiob since the lobby set up doesnt allow choice based on monster/hunter. Hell, even if the monster wants to tell you what they are playing they cant due to the lack of alltalk.


Monster can still text chat though, can’t it?


Torvald is what parnel should have been. huge damage potential, note that potential is the keyword here.

However, parnell lacks that, because of 3 main factors.

  • 1 knockback pretty much renders an entire supersoldier duration useless, this could be fixed by adding a ‘‘cannot be disabled’’ like effect to supersoldiers duration.
  • His rocketlauncher is increadibly lackluster, almost at the point where anything else would’ve been better.
  • His shotgun is supossed to fire ‘‘explosive rounds’’ but it still suffers from Limb damage, this can be fixed by letting the rounds BE explosive, so they at the very LEAST, hit for bodyshot-damage, rather than limb damage 70% of the time.

and to be fair, i agree that sunny is too strong, and ive said it elsewhere before - i think sunnys booster should offer maximum 1 boost per hunter per 6 seconds, BUT still be available to fly normally around with.

having 4/5 boosts in one go + your own 3. is absolutely rediculous - BUT, that has nothing to do with torvald :stuck_out_tongue:


I think TRS hates rockets to be honest. Parnell’s rocket launcher, Buckets guided missile launcher… both are sub-par.

[Edit: Torvald does not have a rocket launcher. I did not have enough coffee]


It’s all about positioning with Torvald to be as effective as possible, especially against Kraken. I found it difficult to fight Kraken when I first started to play Torvald but not anymore.

Positioning > Key > Mortars hit the airborne Kraken > Winning.


In the 1st lobby where you dont know your roles yet, yes, but once you are picking classes i believe it shits off until the game is finished. Ive never had hunters respond to me in the lobby, typing or voice.


I actually think kraken is his weakest match up - his shotgun is close range (and thus hard to hit the kraken while it’s in the air), and the cannons are rarely going to hit a flying target.


Torvald is weak, why? Kraken is meta monster.