Torvald Leviathan Convo?


A Leviathan is a colossal aquatic whale like predator found in the oceans of Shear. Although they are not seen alive throughout the game but only as dead eaten hollowed out corpses, because of this they leave no buffs, perks, or health to the hunters or the monsters. There is a decaying Leviathan corpse that can be found near the Weather Control Tower in a Reaver den. Leviathan were most likely colossal lone predators capable of attacking most if not anything on Shear as long as they stay in the water.

In addition to the wildlife, Torvald makes reference to a monster called “Leviathan”.

I copy and pasted that from the wiki, is there a convo about a Leviathan that Torvald mentions?

If so, how do you recreate it? ^.^


If I’m not mistaken I was the one to have written this, May I see the link to confirm? Also to my knowledge no, Torvald never talks of the Leviathan. It can also be found on Broken Hill Murder Pits.


If Torvald DOES talk of the Leviathan than it’s a blatant reference to Moby Dick, which their are a number of if i’m not mistaken.


Here ya go.

Slightly off-topic, but what type of jetpack is it that the assault class uses? I know that there is the Rank-Rajat and a Pitre model jetpack, but I forgot which ones they use. It might be Pitre for Assault and Rank for the rest of the classes.


That article I did not write but as far as I know no conversation exists involving Leviathans. All lore on them is found outside the game in the “Development of Evolve” thread where @MacMan states what they are and their original purpose.


Oh, then it might be the reference to Moby Dick as @Hillbilly_Deathlord said.


Assaults use the Rank-Rajat jetpacks.


Thanks! ^-^