Torvald + Laz - Do Weakspots stack in quantity?


So Torvald and Lazarus both can apply 1.5x weakpoints.

If Torvald lands a Shrapnel Grenade and Laz paints the Monster with his Sniper Rifle do the amount of weakspots stack so the Monster is covered to jesus in 1.5x markers?

EDIT- So twitch chat said the 1.5x markers do not stack in quantity, that really sucks.


I mean, if it could stack in quantity, there would be nothing to stop a Lazarus from hitting the same spot multiple times.


They probably had different reasons to not have it stack, but Laz doesn’t even do a lot damage per shot anyway even if he hit his marker.

Is there a reason to use Shrapnel grenades if Laz is on the team as long as he isn’t dead? Is their damage output enough to justify throwing it at the Monster if the markers are already reached it’s limit on the target?


Laz isn’t always putting weakspots on it. And most of the time he can’t get a shot at the chest or back, where you should be aiming, so the nades will help for that.


Nades sound kind of safer to use, honestly. Laz giving himself away…


I’m unclear on the conclusion of this thread. Laz & Torvald can’t both point the monster with (for example) 5 weakspots each?


No word on this? In addition to knowing exactly how laz & torvald’s weakspots synergize, is there a topic explaining the intricasies of weakspots generally? Like what is the maximum number? How close together can they be? Etc.


From what people told me the weak spots do not stack, which doesn’t make sense since it allows for synergy in comps and it’s not something that would be over powered, now it just makes either one of them redundant.


Maybe I’m not understanding. If what you’re saying is that if Torvald and Laz put a spot on the same point in the monster, it doesn’t become 100% more damage (50% from Laz and 50% from Torvald), that doesn’t surprise me much that it doesn’t additively stack in that way. But are you saying that if Laz has weakspots on the Monster, that Torvald cannot create additional weak spots, and vice versa? That would be completely ridiculous, and would make it a big disadvantage to have both on a team.


Bump in hopes of an answer


I think they can stack in power.
this was on another thread and he spoke about them stacking in power

i would personally like to see if torvald can weak spot the front of the monster and laz weakspot the back of the monster. maybe theres a cap to how many 1.5x modifers can be placed on a body


I appreciate the reply. It would be great to get some dev response on these weakspot questions. @MacMan


I did some testing last night and it appears that the monster can only be painted with a total of 10-12 weakspots (from Laz and Torvald combined). Do newer weakspots replace older weakspots? And do Torvald’s weakspots (which do 65% more damage if elited compared to Laz’s 50% more damage) supersede Laz’s weakpots because they’re more powerful. And can both of their weakspots only be hit once before disappearing?

Some more info on weakspots and how they interact when you have both Laz and Torvald would be much appreciated. @MacMan