Torvald isn't able to mortar at his own feet, as intended


But when he aims straight up into the sky the mortars land at his feet instantly, Torvald is still too strong.



He’s supposed to do this, it’s intended.


“He’s supposed to do this, it’s intended.”

if this is unintended, why is he unable to aim at his feet in the first place? Can you cite what youre referencing supporting this claim?


He is supposed to be able to use it away from his body. The Devs have been doing this, before it was even released. They then decided to keep it as such. And cite? Go ask a Dev, they will say the same.
If it were unintended, it would have been fixed before he was released.


Well @MajorLeeHyper is the guy who invented that tactic. And seeing as it hasn’t been fixed I assume it isn’t a bug. ^.^ Ask him yourself.


Well, it is technically a bug. It may be fixed in an future patch :wink:


Oh come on man…You can’t keep teasing us about future patches! It’s like dangling noodles in front of my face and tearing them away. ;-;


Thanks for confirming.


It’s a bug to use mortars in an efficient way? ^.-
Well, glad I already don’t find Torvald amazingly useful. :laughing:


What?! My whole life is a lie?!


Aww why??? D:


It does less damage though, since the mortars land carpet style and Torvald has no clue where the monster actually is when he looks up. I do feel that this might make him easier to counter, but it won’t fix his problems.


Uh… why would you be able to mortar at your feet? Isn’t it supposed to be a long distance type thing?


That’s not really true. If Torvald and the monster are at POINT BLANK range the mortar shots won’t travel in a lob, they will hit and detonate on the monster as soon as they’re fired. THAT is kinda OP. Cause you get a 100% accuracy mini orbital barrage every few seconds that way.


Mortars… how do they work? /sarcasm


I for one really hope you guys fix it. It’s one of my biggest issues with Torvald.


They do (or should anyway) have a timer on them to prevent Torvald stuffing the barrel in the monster’s face (standing as close as possible so they hit the monster on the way out). Mac mentioned that trick came out very early in testing and was really broken. :stuck_out_tongue:


I simply lead the shots and land with close to 100% accuracy every time when my predictions are correct. :stuck_out_tongue:
Shooting straight up isn’t that useful as I’ve found, shotgun and grenades do serious work up close, and its disorienting to shoot your camera upwards just to have it come back down and search for the monster again.


Never noticed it. often when I was cornered by the monster as Torvald I fired a barrage into the sky and just watched the monster get hit hard in one gigantic spike of damage. So I guess they forgot to fix it.