Torvald is one of the most intelligent people to have ever graced humanity


Torvald, yes this guy below, is among the smartest people to have graced humanity:

Do you all know why? I will explain with a simple concept.

See below:

According to wikipedia,

This means that smarter animals have higher brain to body mass ratio.

Why is a human smarter than whale even though the whale has a brain 5 times the size of us? Because if you divide the whale’s brain mass by its body weight, you end up with a horribly low number, while humans have a far higher ratio, making humans smarter.

This means that Torvald, having lost 75% of his body mass, will have an encephalization quotient of 30 instead of 7.5, effectively crowning him as the apex supreme intelligence of humanity (plus those who have lost body mass).

Why? Simple:

Above: Blind people who have lost their sight can turn their brain areas responsible for vision into other purposes, such as echolocation. This shows that if a person loses the parts of his body that inputs new sensory messages to the now-defunct areas, they will be reconfigured for other purposes.

For the case of Torvald, his motor areas, making up 50% of his brain, will be freed for intellectual processing. Since he lost 75% of his body mass, this means 37.5% of his brain will now process intelligence.

Why is this a lot?

Above: According to recent studies, 6% of the brain volume is involved in IQ. Yes, only 6%.

By adding another 37.5%, Torvald now devotes 43.5% of his brain to IQ processing, or an incredible 725% as much as a normal human, making his IQ around 725 instead of 100.

This means that Torvald is now one of the most important people to have ever lived.

Still need proof? See below:

Stephen Hawking lost most of his body mass due to his disease, but now has an IQ of over 200 due to it.


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