Torvald is anti fun


Playing with and against Thor last night and it struck me just how much I dislike him as a concept. I actually played as him a little for once after being frustrated playing against him and it is completely unrewarding.

My key issue playing against him is you can’t sit still for a minute. With Cabot he can take 2.5 health bars off in an instant which is game over for a s1-2 wraith. As the mortars are a main weapon the game shouldn’t be over if he manages to land them once. Wraith cannot focus because it can’t stand to be hit once, and bob can’t ever stand still, which he needs to to attack.

Playing as him he doesn’t need to get invOlved the same way Parnell does for similar damage, he can just stand on a rock and murder in safety which gets boring very quickly. I had 2 games yday over 50k damage (with Cabot) and one at 40 without and iv played him 5 times, he’s not even 1 starred yet. Also monster was decent, in top 10 global leaderboards and a friend of mine.

Tl:dr regardless of any op discussions (even if he is balanced) torvald isn’t fun to play against, and quickly gets boring to play.


This, so much this…


Ha midnight, you are familiar with my general feelings towards our ginger assault.


I played against a cira, cabot, abe, trovald and I was wraith. I fought them at stage two and i think i instantly lost half my health without even knowing it XD thats how insane his damage is when you dont even know half your health disappeared until you run away and look at your health @.@


This right here.

This applies to more than just Torvald but imo a lot of the frustration boils down to that statement.

The game is decided by one or two plays for the most part.


Ha yes I feel even if he is balanced he will never be balanced towards Wraith most of all. He completely breaks the design of Wraith because she is meant to take some damage and run leaving her open in these windows to get hit. Problem is Torvald does all his damage in one second so taking it wrecks her.

I am a very salty person when it comes to Torvald vs Wraith.


I only play as Torvald 90% of the time if the monster is playing with cheap tactics, or they just piss me off. 1 mortar direct hit during an engagement and the monster already has to fall back…


I don’t mind playing against him. Just like Lazarus, you have to alter your playstyle a bit.

But I know, I’m all talk, so here is a little inspiration for those who need more motivation to not stand still:


Honestly, I came into this thread expecting to roll my eyes at people complaining, but these are really good points.

I have played against some excellent Parnelle players. Hands down, he can shred a monster better than any other assault; but it takes an incredebly good player, with an extremely good team. Torvald doesn’t require any of that. All he has to do is spam mortars and wait for that one time you’re standing still, and BAM!, either one health bar or half your armor is gone.

Torvald is extremely punishing on the monster for the slightest mistake without barely any effort. I love his kit, but it shouldn’t bring such instantaneous momentum shifts from one full hit. Even Hanks orbital isn’t that bad. An attentive monster will quickly move out of the way if the first missile or two of a surprise orbital hits them, but if you slip up and get surprised by a mortar, it’s already too late. There’s no way to mitigate the damage, and it’s FAR easier to land in the first place than an orbital.


Yeah, I actually have come to conclusion that he is quite powerful. As I’ve been using him for quite a while I gained more experience on how to use him to his maximum capacity. I realized that the capacity perk is really harsh on the monster which ends games quicker.

I can’t agree that he’s anti fun when using him actually, and I’m also not saying he’s anti fun when fighting him because I just like decent fights. But yeah, not everyone is the same which does mean he requires a bit more attention to adjust, just so people could be worry-free.


Yeah I totally agree. Parnell is an absolute beast but needs to be constantly on the monster, and this requires skill and positioning. It also gives the monster the chance to knock him back or traverse away. Unless Parnell’s movement is amazing he can’t punish the monster for focussing someone down the same way Thor can. Thor just stands on a rock spamming. And he only needs to land the mortars once or twice to win the engagement. Particularly with Cabot.


Agreed. Everyone thinks we need a ranged assault, I hope Torvald is about as close as we get. For Markov to match his burst damage he needs to take time to find a good area, place his mines, and hope a monster walks into them. Torvald wastes very little time with Mortars, they have a short cooldown, and you aren’t set back hardly at all if you miss.
Markov can spend 5 seconds throwing mines down, only for you to fire breathe them, and he’s just wasted his time.

If his mortars were slower, and you could shoot them out of the sky as you see them coming, that would be different. But unless you hear then fire and get out of the way, you chance getting hammered. And even if you evade them, he’ll just be reloaded by the time you’re ready to be aggressive again.


Enough about torvalds damage ffs, hes the 3rd most damage assault parnell and hyde both decimate him in damage


Someone’s in denial.


hyde decimates torvald?.. I give up


I can use hyde and outdamage torvald anyday same goes for Parnell, people keep saying his OP but raw data from a post from @MacMan showed hes the 3rd for assaults then good ol Markov then bucket


Total damage has never been the problem with Torvald. It is the fact that he offers more control then a lot of trappers and Markov with area denial on top of the fact that it does massive damage instantly rather that the slow ticks of hypes burn plus grenade. You can commit through a hypes grenade and flamethrower but if you try that with Torvald you will take so much damage in an instant that it more than likely won’t be worth it.

Torvald has his problems but he able to be won against I just think he is only OP against Wraith by design and not much you can do about that.


But that’s burst damage its inconsistent, land all 4 boom hella damage, miss more then 2 or land none hes useless it is very effecty when their not dodges but also with the wraith thats against a monster not ment to receive such burst damage so it looks redicously OP but put it on a full health stage 3 behemoth? nothing barely a dent


Guys he deals less damage than parnell just look at the stats and graphs.


What bothers me is that Torvald’s counterplay was supposed to be getting close to him so that he can’t use his mortars. Not only did they somehow not test aiming the mortars straight upwards, but also the arming distance of 10 meters has been nonfunctional since release. I tried to raise awareness in the telemetry thread but MacMan just acted like both issues were already fixed, even when other people told him otherwise; I don’t know what else I can do.

For more than a month the designed counterplay against Torvald has been so broken to the point where it is the opposite of counterplay: a good Torvald just boosts straight into the Monster and detonates mortars at point blank. It’s literally an exploit combining both bugs; the Monster can’t do anything about it other than picking Kraken. I wish Torvald could take damage from his own mortars.

I did it myself a week ago to prove my point and posted a screenshot in one of the other Torvald threads:

This wasn’t even with the capacity perk as it was a bot I took over at the start of the game. 30-35 seconds to leave dropship, 50 seconds to find the Goliath, 60 seconds to kill him by just boosting into him and firing upwards. He was running away and trying to knock me back the whole time in an attempt to make it stop. 10k damage in a minute without the almost 50% increase from the perk is more than twice Parnell’s damage if he were given the same situation and there wasn’t even a Cabot or any buff present. Dead in one dome.

This is what bothers me about Torvald.