Torvald in the "Macro"-Patch


I think Torvald was the most balanced assault before the patch. There are many variables that go into someone being an effective Torvald player and that goes for every character in the game. The 11% mortar nerf; (though it was a nerf that didn’t need to happen) wasn’t entirely game changing, but what nerfed him the most in this most recent patch is the importance or getting health damage or killing the monster before stage 3.

Now that monsters have the ability to insta-kill at stage 3 – Kelder I am staring at you – There is no reason to use this defensive assault. You almost need to have Parnell in the game with you for the chase of stage 1-2 because pressure is a must have.

Now that we are in an offensive comp. meta Torvald is still useful, just not nearly as. Cabot/Kala does not have good synergy with Torvald, you occasionally get the amp on the monster with mortars, but most of the time not, because if the monster is smart cabot will be getting focused/juggled.

So, good job… You nerfed Torvald…


At least we still have Emet…

Torvald was too high on the damage end on his Mortars. If you landed all of them, it could blow through any monster.

But I am also againt this nerf.


I love emet now


I get that Torvald is close to your heart, but does there really need to be a whole topic for this? (shouldn’t this be in the general patch discussion?)

Especially as your reasoning behind what hit him hardest was the improvement to monsters, not his personal nerf?

Not trying to be offensive or anything, just wondering o.0


Uhm… Yeah?

Edit: this isnt general this is Torvald Stavig.


Uh, don’t bother justifying this, just say yeah, that’ll sort it XD

If you were saying the reason he was weak was because he took a certain damage reduction or something, that’d be different, but you’re saying that his weakness is due to other changes as well, I thought this would do better in the general discussion here?


A lot of people disagree.
Me included. He was easily the strongest assault, bringing fucktons of damage with stupidly spammable area of denial, constant damage, and really no downsides. These nerfs were well deserved.


As for the nerf to Torvald. I have to agree slightly with Quirkly. I don’t think he’s the best, nor did I think he was the best, assault in the game but I do agree that he brought too much damage with CC alongside. I think the better change would have been to nerf the travel speed, not the damage.


I think they should buff the gravity of the mortars slightly to make the mortars less easy to dodge in compensation for the damage nerf. I think that ultimately it will make his damage more consistent, while also justifying the lower damage itself.


But why? He was nerfed because he was dealing too much damage. So why make him able to deal more damage again?


Because since his mortars are so easy to dodge, if you do have that rare chance that the mortars will land, the damage isnt enough anymore.


If they at least increased Gravity on mostars by 2-3 the I would be ok with his damage nerf. Less damage but more reliable weapon for new/less skilled players.
But no just flat 11% damage nerf. QQ.


I might be the minority here, but they certainly still feel like enough to me. In fact, I still dread fighting Torvald, because those mortars still shred me like paper if I fuck up even once, but as I said, could just be me.


I still grieve over Emet’s damage nerf too. Now they are on the same boat. Torvald should have had a mortar removed so he fires 4 (unless he fired an even number and not 5) so this way he still has the damage but less time firing the mortars and more time on his shotty.

Still does damage but less instant damage with all mortars hitting.


Well to be fair, they actually nerfed all the assaults so that we didn’t instantly tear the monsters a new one all the time.

Give it time. Everyone needs to adjust.


Torvald is still king of the assaults. Nerfing his damage by 100 (140 technically since most use cap.) isn’t really a lot considering his damage is still really really high. The mortars still do a lot of damage and still do the minor CC that they are known to do.

Basically, he’s still as good as he’s always been, just a little more in line.


Torvald was nerfed for a lot of reasons. His damage was ridiculous considering he didn’t have to put himself in any sort of danger, unlike Lennox or Parnell, along with the brief reload period that allowed him to spam them.

He was too powerful in any comp. Combined with a defensive support and a medic with high self-sustain like Slim/Caira, he forced you to either disengage every few seconds or eat massive damage. It was too much burst damage combined with kiting, CC, and everything else the monster player had to keep track of.

If he was in an offensive comp he was stupidly strong as well. With Bucket he could just throw out the shrapnel grenades and the turrets would shred the monster, but he also had the mortars to compound the damage and provide extra unfair protection for the medic. And if he was with Cabot, a single mortar barrage could eliminate an entire armor bar. That’s bullshit.

If your complaint is that monsters can FT3 more easily now, then ask for an armor nerf. His damage does not need to be that high for something that has few downsides and can be spammed constantly.


I can say with absolute certainty that the reason I have outright avoided playing Monster for the past few months has been because I was limited to two choices: A] Try (and most often fail) to secure a strike on a Hunter and get my face melted off, or B] Run like hell and ultimately get forced to go get my face melted off.

I tried to see for myself the current state of the game just yesterday, but I couldn’t get online whatsoever. So I’ll reserve my ultimate judgement for when I can actually play, but seriously.

The numbers changed all around the board. What used to work, no surprise, might just not work anymore. It’s been what, two, three days since the patch? Granted, there are players who can adjust to changes in that time, but give it at least a week or two before baying about whether it was a bad move or not. If the monsters aren’t being forced to run in abject terror of the Hunters anymore, guess what?

They weren’t supposed to be doing that from Day 1 on release. Some monsters are squishier than others, but the way the game had been for a while was a Monster had to be on it’s A+++ game to have a realistic chance, while any mistake was capitalized on by hunter comps more than capable of ripping the Monster a new one.


Please play some silver masters its way too hard now for the hunters. Only damage comp with cabot might be working but this is not my playstyle and I dont like it. If you dont down the monster before stage 3 its done now…

But you dont need three weeks to figure out that some insta kill combos are a joke atm…


As I said, I haven’t seen it. If you have footage, I can watch it, and see if this is just talk sliding over some really, really bad Hunter mistakes, or a legitimate concern.