Torvald Help!


How do you get the masteries for his Shrapnel Grenades, do you have to hit the spots, or…?


Depends on which mastery level you are at. One is to have the team do X damage on them. Another is to have them hit the spots a bunch of different times, and the other is to not take damage while throwing them.


First star masteries. Allow 1000 bonus damage or something like that.


I believe the first one means you can also shoot them. However, I’m pretty sure it’s anyone on your team that hits one of them would count.


Alright, thanks !


Torvald’s first shrapnel grenade mastery was oddly difficult for me. I’m not sure why but it is always difficult so complete weak spot masteries for me. I ended up going into a solo defend match and just throwing the grenades at the minion and I got the challenge done very easy after that.


Bucket + Turrets + Weakpoints + Maggie + Parnell = many weakpoints done fast :stuck_out_tongue:


They TOOK me a while but I have everything three star’d besides T4 and Behemoth. But, soon, very soon they will be mine as well.


Damn… I’ve just started Torvald since I finally got used to using him. Hopefully I’ll get it by tonight. Wish me luck :smirk:


This will help you get through Torvald Disk war masteries.


Do note that there are two ways he throws his grenade. If you are just moving and shoot, it will arc like normal. However, if you jetpack dodge and throw there is a lot less gravity on it and it is more akin to a frisbee then grenade.


Oh, I know. I feel like I’ve gotten his gameplay settled down, it’s just a process of grinding for the masteries


Its the worst when you time the frisbee type throw late and it just hits right in front of your feet cus you didnt arc it. :frowning:

Wait I mean it lagged and caused him to throw it late lol


I’ve never seen Tron but now I want to :sob: Looks like a good movie totally my style.


It’s enjoyable. It’s basically “Daft Punk” the musical.


I’m completely stuck on the third one ? Hit the monster with 5 grenades without takin damage I’ve spend whole game spamming these Granada without being hit and I’m not getting any credit towards the mastery ? Help please :disappointed:


It’s 5 in a row without taking damage from the monster :stuck_out_tongue: are you sure you’re doing that?


Yep just played defend sat up high didn’t get hit and spammed them no point to mastery.


Did you do it on the adds or the primary monster?

It doesn’t count on the adds.


The first star is quiet easy.

  1. Pick Torvald and take Bucket into your team.
  2. Set all Bucketsentries around the generator.
  3. Through your Shrapnel Grenades if monster or / and minions are coming.

The only really difficult challenge is Slims 3. Sporecloud-challenge…