Torvald head shot challenge bullshit?


Do you think it’s bull comment below. I manage to get 200 head shot damage a game and I need 12000 so getting 200 a game means 60 games of bull, if I even keep getting 200


Get a friend, go to customs with Kraken, and have that friend kindly sit still for you. ^.^


It’s a shame I’m friend repellant and hardly anyone I know got the game




Maybe I should start a boosting lobby on the forums for it I’m on xbone what are you on. You help me and I help you.


Or just fight a lot of Behemoths in solo? I don’t know. I get all my masteries through normal play, except things like Val’s Tier 2 Sniper. Because that relies on my team doing things. ಠ_ಠ


Do I aim for behemoths head or stomach? I have been playing solo with Goliath trying and he always turns his back to me like not today.


Stomach, but it’s not that easy, the AI still moves a lot, I did that challenge with Wraith in defend, get Abe as trapper so he can constanly slow her, pretty easy to hit her head


That’s a great idea defend with abe. Because it would just stand there at the generator I will try now


i can help you boost evolveftw. send me a friend request. gamertag is same as on here


If you’re on Xbox One, you just got that friend @Shin described.

Gamertag: : Videogamer954

EDIT: Will probably be a little busy for a few days.


I got it in regular skirmish, git gud. :smile:


I did it with afius but do you need help with anything I’m happy to help with anything


That was a pain for me too. Then I had a game where I put a headshot weak point on a monster’s head and an accurate Hank quickly scrapped 2 and a half health bars using that mark.

I got 3000+ bonus damage that game from that Hank.


Got to grind out Kraken’s Vortex to Elite and stuff. I almost have Behemoth Elite and I am trying to get Caira to elite. If you want to grind any masteries than I would be happy too!


Sure I will do it tomorrow it’s 1030 pm for me where I live


It is 10: 30 where you live rn? I’m at School and it’s 8:27 A.M. LOL

Anyway, I will probably be busy and I’m visiting Chicago from Thursday to Saturday.

Should be on Late Saturday (Probably Friday for you?) and Sunday.


Easiest way to get the Torwald headshot challenge is play defend against Kraken, Favors Hunter, Take Damage output perk and blast away. Got it in like 4-5 games iirc.

EDIT: Oh and I forgot, add cabot to the team :wink:


You just gotta know how to aim at the head. Kraken and Behemoth are the easiest to headshot.


No, I actually found Torvald to be pretty easy to elite. However, I do believe I was shooting Behemoth back before the patch where pretty much every shot on him in ball form was a crit.