Torvald Fanart <3 Need help making characters Transparent?

So Ive been working on this for a month, yes, a month. Making this photo of Torvald transparent so that others may screw with it and make it look nice! And this was btw was insanely difficult, I had to go all the way down to the smallest pixel and edit, uh that was killer! If you guys want me to do anything else just let me know, Ill try my best!

So please, post what you can come up with on this thread or any ideas!

Here is what Ive come up with so far

Tagging @SledgePainter cuz I know you have art taste!

What are you using to separate the model from the background? I can see noticeable pixelation and jaggedness.

I’m just using preview from Apple, going into it and deleting pixel by pixel. It’s like that in the original picture, it’s just that the dark background hides it.

Oh boy…

Yeah, when you do that sort of stuff that’s like the worst way to do things. For more complex backgrounds you want to use some sort of pen tool, but that type of stuff is in more dedicated editing programs.

Haha yes, this is on a school computer, I’m no professional.

In photoshop there’s a ‘Refine Edge’ feature that you can adjust once you make a quick selection. Once the edge is soften you can adjust it acordingly to fix spots that was missed with a Quick Mask layer.

I heard there’s a similar feature in Macs.

OK I appreciate the info, I’ll check them out.