Torvald Elited - Yay!


He is WAY too much fun :smile:

Totally my playstyle. Requires a lot of skill and forethought on where to aim shrapnel grenades and mortars…


I was surprised as well. He’s actually really fun to play as. I was shocked when I realized his shotgun only required 1 press to fire all rounds.


You were grinding hard o.O


legit gameplay, no grinding. All evacuations


How long you had the dlc for?


Since it launched this morning. Played i dunno, 4 hours?

And mostly Torvald, but some time on Slim, Sunny and Crow


I’ve only had myn an hour :frowning:


I’m a bit late to this thread, but how on earth do you achieve the third star of his shrapnel grenades? If I’m understanding it correctly, you’ve got to hit the monster with TEN grenades,(which is ridiculous already, 10 grenades in a row is such a waste of time, it’s like achieving Cairas napalm grenades) and take no damage, right? I think I’m understanding HOW to do it, but I feel like I’m contributeing nothing just lobbing grenade after grenade at the monster. And they rarely stand still long enough to get hit by more than 3, let alone without hitting me. Torvald is the last Assault I have to Elite, but I can’t seen to get more than a point in this. Same with Hank and his 3rd star distance orbitals.


If you feel you’re not participating doing this, just load up a solo defend as Torvald. Easy peasy to do with the monster hitting the generator or turrets


I hadn’t thought about this!! Thank you, I always play multiplayer, and normally skirmish. I forgot you could do a custom defend game!! Thanks!!! :smile: