Torvald/Crow/Caira/Sunny (Best Competitive Team Composition)


Starting off here is my resume -
I am the leader of Chilled Reality, and thus far I have mainly played medic for the team, while also playing any other position if need be. I have plenty of experience with all classes, but like I stated before I main medic so that is the position I know best. So far our record both professionally and in pubs is 467 and 34, which calculates to a W/L ratio of 13.735. As of today we have played almost 60 or so games with the team discussed below. I preface my statements with these facts just so that people understand that both my team and myself have a surplus of experience playing this game.


To get started I am going to discuss the team that we have been using since the T4 release and our reasoning behind why this team may be viable in the competitive field. This team is by no means unbeatable, but that being said, in my opinion this is by far the strongest team for putting pressure on the opposing monster player. It forces the monster to make mistakes, while also eliminating many of the mistakes that must be prevented with other team compositions. This is also one of the strongest recovery teams in the game, due to the shear damage output it can produce. The fact that it punishes the monster player for making mistakes, and has such strong recovery options, is the reasoning behind why I believe this team is viable in competitive play.


  • We have been calling this our pressure team mainly due to the amount of pressure this team puts on the monster to keep moving. This team forces the monster to almost entirely eat of the run, mainly due to the Sunny and Caira combo. In almost every game we have played with this team, the monster never got more then 150 meters away from our trapper.

  • Typically whenever I would run Caira as medic, we would split our group into teams of two, one to flush the monster, and the other to cut off. In this case we would always run assault/support, and medic/trapper. This was due to Caira’s acceleration field, and the simple fact that great monster players typically punish the trapper if the medic does not split with them.

  • This need to split into groups of two has changed entirely as of yesterday, with the new support Sunny. Not only does her jetpack boost eliminate the need for splitting/cutting off the monster, it in fact actually encourages the team to stay together. This is due to the simple fact that with the use of the Jetpack booster, the trapper can cover at least 1/2 of the entire map in only a couple of seconds. The drawback to this action is that the trapper is that in most cases now at least 200 meters away or more, from the rest of the group, and now either trailing the monster in a bad situation by themselves or completely alone in the dome. Caira’s acceleration field is there to compensate for this.

  • Caira has the unique ability to catch the rest of the team up to the trapper in a matter of seconds which allows Sunny to boost the trapper with the jetpack boost yet again if need be.

  • Once the monster has been domed, and the fight begins, is where the Sunny/Caira combo really shines. Caira’s healing abilities is, as of right now, are unrivaled in this game, and she can in fact “facetank” most stage 2 monsters, and with assistance, even some Stage 3 monsters if played correctly.

  • Caira’s healing abilities coupled with the shield drone make focusing near impossible, which I will discuss in the Torvald section later. The monster has essentially three options. the first is to commit to destroying the shield drone, the second is to power through the shield drone barrier and then through Caira’s healing, or the third is to try and separate one member from the shield drone and Caira. While the last one is in fact the only real counter to this tactic it is also the hardest to pull off and again near impossible with a skillful group. In fact on the several times this did happen yesterday. Sunny’s jetpack boost solved the situation in just about every situation.


  • Torvald and Hyde are, as of right now, the best assaults in the game in my opinion. Even though Torvald’s shrapnel grenades only really benefit himself in this team comp, due to Caira and Sunny both having AOE weapons, they are still extremely useful for himself with his auto-fire shotgun.

  • What separates Torvald from Hyde (after Hyde’s buff) is his mortar strikes. Mortar strikes as of right now, if landed, do so much damage that, in most cases, it forces the monster to disengage and run. This coupled with Sunny’s shield drone and Caira’s insane healing output make it so that it is near impossible for the monster focus down.

  • If the monster does commit to focusing down one member of the team, the amount of damage this team deals will outright kill any stage 2, and in most cases even stage 3 monsters, with proper kiting, before the person actually goes down. In fact the only counter I have seen so far was the Behemoth traversal spam which allows the Behemoth player to focus down a hunter in a little under six seconds. I may be wrong on that number but in our testing it was about that. Anyway according to what I’ve read today even that is getting patched.

  • Torvald’s mortars can also be fired at an arc and with enough practice (it took our assault about an hour or so to properly learn) the assault player can lead the monster with the mortars and chip away serious amounts of health even once the dome has expired. Combined with Crow’s stasis gun, and this creates one of the most damaging after dome situations I have seen thus far.

  • Torvald’s shotgun is good but after some testing and usage our assault typically only uses it when he is being focused. Those mortars simply just do too much damage and at least in our experience have been even better then pre-nerf Markov’s mines or Hyde’s toxic grenades, at forcing a disengage.


  • Last of all is Crow. Our trapper at first hated Crow, then started to like him for a time, now he loves Crow. This was due to Crow’s unique abilities, and at first he did not like them at all. Now that he has learned to use them effectively and in proper situations, one could argue that Crow can be completely unfair in the right situation.

  • Gobi sees all… Seriously Gobi is in my personal opinion, quite amazing. Gobi can be spammed quite easily, detects sneaking monsters, and is essentially a mobile and more spammy version of Cabot’s dust tagging. Our trapper through extensive play with both Abe and Griffin, like most good trappers, almost always knows the monsters general location. Mixed with Gobi this makes finding the monster, at least in our experience, easier then any other trapper, even Maggie.

  • Gobi is essentially a fifth person as well. If there are three routes the monster can take. You can split the team to cover two of them, and send Gobi to cover the third. Once the monster is found, it is near impossible to lose the monster when using Gobi properly, especially with the Sunny/Caira combo.

  • The stasis gun is a great skill shot weapon, in most cases, our trapper has the monster slowed a good 90 percent of the game once the monster is found. But neither Gobi or the Stasis gun separate Crow from the rest of the trapper. (As Daisy shows you the right direction and both Abe and Griffin can provide better CC).

  • What separates Crow is the Kinetic Long Rifle which in turn is one of the main reasons this has become our new pressure team. It does good not great damage when fired semi-auto, but its charged up ability to chip away health (even thought its about 1/8 of a health bar) is its most defining feature.

  • This team comp is made to put so much pressure on the monster that it is forced to disengage or risk serious amounts of damage. This forces the monster to run throughout the dome, trying to survive, and trying to take as little health damage as possible. Crow is essentially a counter to that.

  • Crow’s rotation inside the dome is firing the stasis gun, immediately switch to the kinetic long rifle, charging it up and firing twice, then repeating the process all over again. By doing this Crow can chip away at least a bar and a half of health by himself in one dome, while simultaneously CC’ing the monster, allowing Torvald to land mortars and Sunny to use the mininuke launcher. This reasoning alone is what separates Crow, and is what makes him so important to the overall chemistry of this team. There is no wasted dome with Crow on the team as there is always health damage being done.

Closing Thoughts

  • To end this off I just wanted to say that this team, is in our opinion the best fit for our play-styles. Some people may find other hunters more viable, and rightly so, this team best fits the way that we play, and counters the tactics that we have found the hardest to face. A week from now we may find another team composition that we think is even better. We just wanted to take them time to express our thoughts to the community, and maybe help some people learn some tactics that will better help them in their play.


Really enjoyed the read, thanks dude. Sounds like the team works quite nicely and its nice to see a mive away from Cabot with strats.

From a tactics point of view this team simplifies things quite nicely too and reduces the effects of luck. Everyone’s job is quite straightforward, there isn’t as much 3 man flushing with trapper hanging back, there is no Cabot/Parnell timings to get lined up. I do think it lacks area of denial but with crow punishing that may not matter as much. The monster needs ace positioning and ability to separate hunters against this.


Gobi does alert the monster - he sees himself outlined much like after being tranqued.


Thanks for the info. I didn’t notice that yesterday when was playing monster.