Torvald cannot stop monster attacking the relay - solo


Edit: Watch this

especially in orbital drill - the relay is under a roof, mortar or orbital cannon is not effective. with enough health, the monster can just keep attacking. Torvald’s shotgun as solo, cannot prevent it in time, it just stops the monster for a brief moment for it to attack again.

Probably some tweak needed for the monster and the relay.

Shotgun takes some time reloading. It cannot provide constant fire quick enough to disturb the monster. i think it has bad range too.

mortar doesnt work unless very close range. ultra close range is bad.

whereas in OP map.

with the right perks, and then map perks, – i had 5 ammo/damage perks.
Torvald is very powerful. shotgun is just enough, brings down bars very very quickly


Having mortars blocked by a roof sounds very logical to me.They are mortars.It’s a roof

It’s a situational disadvantage,all hunters have some.Like lennox vs kraken.But in this case you do have the choice of not picking torvald on that map before hand so it’s not something that cannot be dealt with


Sad, but true.


my post is about the shotgun not being able to stop the monster, effectively.
-and that some tweaks are needed for the monster attacking the relay.

im not saying to remove the roof in orbital drill. your post talks about the roof, i’m talking about the shotgun.

this is a basic thing. basic.
do you know what basic is ? all hunters being able to stop the monster attacking the relay with a default weapon. not saying, hey u cant use torvald in that particular map.

hope the devs try it out for themselves. just get a monster to attack the relay, and torvald to stand there, shooting his shotgun nonstop. see how the relay bar goes down.


The shotgun works fine for interrupting the Monster.
You just need to be close enough, as is the case with every single Hunter.


If you’re close enough for Relay Shield to activate then you can just shotgun him continuously. He might get in a tiny bit of damage between reloads but really not very much.


Where you guys get your facts from ?

here watch this:

I’m near at the later part of the video, yet between reloads, the monster can damage the relay, so its pointless.

i’m sure the stage 3 fight is not meant to force hunters to fight at close range. i hope this video will help

Video note:
i am using poison bullets, therefore it can damage even long range. default weapon damage is limited for distance, so that it does not harrass the monster after fleeing the dome, but looks like some adjustments need to be made against the relay.

although weapon damage is range limited, acid/poison bullets are not, that is why monsters can still be harassed from long range. at the end of the video, i died, losing the game as it forces me to go too close a range.


You were getting full damage on shotgun pellets but that’s all you were doing. Shouldve thrown shrapnel grenades between shotgun blasts. And if your not using quick switch and/or reload speed with torvald might I suggest giving those a try. He becomes a very aggressive assault with those perks. I tried acidic rounds and it just wasn’t quite what he needed, for me anyway.

you definitely shouldn’t have to get that close to stop the monster, good luck next time


i think you missed the purpose of this thread / post, but thanks anyway


No more buffs, sry :frowning: