Torvald Balance Discussion


I would really like to have a serious talk about torvald and since jess started this new sub topic, I can think of no better place.

I want to be clear. This is about torvald balance only. Please. Please do not derail this thread like every other balance thread.

I will get things started.
Right now, I think torvald is still a little too strong. Some things are related to bugs like shooting straight up and having the mortars land at your feet. Some of my opinion stems from watching the ESL tournaments and watching him melt monsters in what seems to be a much faster rate than any other assault. I realize he is a highly skill dependent assault because I personally can not replicate the kind of damage that some of the esl players can output.

I think he needs to be nerfed more which I know is what everyone else in the forums hates. Nerf Plz threads but I think this one is warranted. Not sure what should be done to him to balance him. I guess that’s why I think we should talk about it.

If you have suggestions, please share them and why you think that would fix him. If you disagree with me on him being to strong, please share your experience as well. :slight_smile:

What should be done to buff torvald?

That right there’s your answer. You’re asking for skilled plays to be less rewarding for being done right. The very fact that not many people can do the mortars justice like the few that can, is the very reason I’m anti nerfing Torvald.


And that is a very understandable position. My only counter point would be that those same players can’t output near the same damage output with other assaults.

My own skill level aside, I think torvald is more balanced toward the lower skilled players. At the high level, he can be devastating to almost all of the monsters. More so than the other assaults.


Nah Torvalds fine personally I think he was fine on release cause he’s stupid proof I unfortunately play with Torvalds all day and 9 times out of 10 it’s a loss either they don’t mortar at all or only mortar missing horribly or in low ceiling areas


for the amount of damage that the mortars output it needs to have a longer reload time. Thats the only problem i have with him. Though i really hope that they wont fuse hunter abilities with different classe anymore.


So what you’re saying is, the game should only be balanced for bad hunters? Good hunters should autowin?


Well if you try to play the rest of the assualts like Torvald then it’s only logical for you to get very different results. Torvalds only real way of causes damage is his mortars,

He’s stuck with an autofire shotgun that to me does unnoticeable damage as monster. He’s the only one who gives the monster a very clear notification that he is firing onto you. No other assualt in this game currently puts themselves out like that. It’s only expected that with such a notification, you should be duly compensated with an unprecedented amount of damage to boot if the monster refuses to move.

Markov- Consistent damage

Hyde- Punishes when close

Parnel- Can deal massive burst when your not aware

Torvald-Can deal predictable yet highly damaging burst that cues the monster of impending damage.

When Torvald misses, I now have nothing to worry about for the next 6.5 secs


I don’t even…

Can you be alittle more constructive? You’re not really giving me much to work with when you write so little…


Only 1 thing really needs to change.
Can’t drop mortars at his feet and have them deal full damage
Drops mic
Picks mic back up
Also arm time
Redrops mic


What wrong about that?



Whats wrong with him dropping mortars at his feet? Its unavoidable massive damage no bueno


Pretty sure its a bug and being fixed.


I hope it is, Torvald makes me…yeah


I said this once and ill say it again. They need to make a dead zone above and below him so he can do that


Torvald only need a nerf against Behemoth.

30-35% damage reduction against him should be fine.


I don’t think Torvald needs a nerf, I think he needs some of his power shifted around, because of exactly this. His mortars do crazy damage, and feels over-rewarding to land, while at the same time his shotgun is much less exciting to empty into the monster, even at close range. I think I would prefer Torvald to have less extreme burst (lower mortar damage) in exchange for higher continuous / reliable damage (more shotty damage).

It doesn’t have to be by much, just a slight shift.


But the real question is, are all of you using the Shrapnel grenades?
Just 5 seconds ago (like literally just got out of a match) I hit a Goliath with a shrapnel, took out the shotty, and unloaded it at about, idk, 15?ish meters away.

Entire bar of health.
Theres a reason the shrapnel tip says “To maximize damage”
Without shrapnel, the shotty can’t do much, because if it could, its be OP


I like taking quick switch on Torvald so I can throw disks while the shotty / mortars are reloading. If they monster isn’t half sparkling diamonds, then combat has only recently started.

Except Kraken. I can’t hit Kraken very well…

Edit: Yeah, you’re probably right @Quirkly, I feel like I haven’t been lighting up my own marks, the monster spins a lot and I get caught up in just landing bullets, not hitting weakpoints. Playstyle problem found.


I freaking love fighting Karken, 3.6 multipliers for dayz :stuck_out_tongue:
Karken struggles so much against the accuracy of that shotty, headshots are just soooo easy, get 2-3 weakpoints on there and its bye bye health bar