Torvald Artwork ( FINISHED )

Looking good so far :smile:

Thx^^ if i finish him & the Monster is still not out i will try Bucket or Caira xD

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Oh my god, yes please :smile:
It would be amazing if you drew Caira like this.

If I don’t ask this now I will regret it forever…

Can you draw a genuinely cute Daisy with puppy eyes?

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His Tattoos are hard


These are his tattoos I believe
It’s either the first one, or the latter, which isn’t loading for some reason.

Or if you need a reference, here’s a good shot at the chest

I dont think i can do that i can just draw so good if i hv a good Image as Formula sry ^^

This is the image i try 2 draw

Oh sorry, just thought you might want another perspective on the tattoos, different angles help sometimes.

SomeTime it can help i will see ^^

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It’s because they are Norse tattoos. They require Scandinavian influence to look right.
In your case, I believe listening to some Norse music while drawing will do the trick.

His face in the picture is kinda smashed together but I don’t blame you, he has a huge head

Yeah i hv See that his shoulders was 2 small i will Change it Thanks God i hv a Rubber xD

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I think it will work now

As always your doing amazingly can’t wait for the final image :smiley:

Finished his first Tattoo damn this was hard