Torvald Artwork ( FINISHED )

So i finished my Ashley ( Until Dawn) Artwork

Now i try my next Hard Evolve Hunter ^^

What do u think who will this be xD

I hope it will work


Based on this, I say it’s Markov without his cyborg bits. If not that, then Cabot.

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Lazarus maybe?

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Markov or Griff :smile:

Caira , Daisy, Bucket ? Yeah im sure its 100% Bucket

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100% Bucket


I want to say Laz?

Just click on it LOL, I say Torvald though.


OMG finally 1 guy is right xD

I was so confused at first cause I was like he’s making his own character, then I was like nooo. So I went to evolve game to get my choices and I was like “IT’S TORVALD”

There’s this dude in my college business class that looks like Torvald hair, beard, even beard braids…just minus the shirtlessness…he could be a robot under there I don’t know

Lol, you should confront him

He’s about as big as Torvald too so screw that, if angered he might rip me in half lol

No he’ll just put shrapnels in you, shoot you and explode mortars on you. But there’s only a 49% he won’t hurt you

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Take a picture of him. Please.

Hey I was in the right class, that counts for something right?

What do u guys think?


Those are some serious cheekbones.
Man, you’re good at this. I’ll just stick(hue) with my stick figure battle drawings.

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