Torvald and slim conversation


Ok so i was about to play a hunt match torvald and in the dropship him and slim began to converse about themselves. Torvald mentioned him having a friend who he wished not to name and that like slim went through certain operations. He said slim slim was lucky to be a third generation and that his friend was i belive a first. They said he became a monster and that the operation failed. WHat do you guys think. Maybe a little insight to tier 5 hunters? Any other cool conversations that hint the future or explain the story more?


Someone put up an argument on a thread that the monsters we are seeing now were once “Patient 0’s” or First gen hybrids that lost their minds.

Sadly, there’s no proof to corroborate anything at the moment.


They lost their minds gen 1 and 2 and were dysfunctional abomination itd be stupid to use one for tier 5


that was me and one other person


Wasn’t it said that his friend was dead so his name didn’t matter? I doubt tier five will also have a mutated bug-man, oops forgive me Slim, a bug-MAN.

Though if he specifically said that he ‘became a monster’, it’s possible that the first generation or even trial runs had a fatal flaw that caused these monsters to first exist. The devs have, after all, stated many times that all the monsters are somewhat humanoid in appearance.


They don’t seem crazy to me. They possess incredible intelligence, situational awareness, tactical ability, etc. Plus they’re capable of excellent teamwork.


The other person was me, and it was a great argument :smile:

As a point of reference, “The Host” was a bug based monster from beta that didn’t make the cut. Macman mentions that he tries not to dwell on failed projects and tries to create new ideas instead. You can find it on the forums as well.


True true, they also had a conversation that torvald lost his limbs during a transport of the monster before any of the events. what confuses me most about your theory is that caira explains that something other than the monsters is laying/creating the eggs, so what does that suggest? God i love these dropship conversations, we need more.


my argument was not that they simply went insane it was that they had lost part of their mind telling them that they were their own side (with the same cause as basilisk nebula) and the humans were the enemy


Possibly just one failed experiment became a sort of ‘omega’ monster. It escaped and started becoming less sentient each day of it’s own humanity until finally it was nothing more than a monster. From there it started spawning eggs and colonizing planets.

It makes some sense. Behemoth is a great showing of how too – if you look close while playing him, you can see his spine sticking out beneath the rocks. I bet if someone froze it and zoomed in, it’d look an awful lot like a human spine, though bigger.


Sounds awesome. I failed expirement forgotten by humanity goes on to start colonizing and start its own race. I guess its reminences of human DNA are implemented into its eggs, resulting in human/mutant hybrid monsters, man this sounds so badass! hope we get more insight!


To be fair, spines generally maintain the same basic shape through all vertebrates.


What if the technology that the Basilisk Nebula wasn’t as manufactured as they would like you to believe? What if they stumbled across an ancient technology that allowed them to make the Basilisk Soldiers similar to Slim and Torvald’s friend? It would make sense as to why they couldn’t make them as powerful as the Monster’s as their understanding of the technology would be limited, but if they had seen what the technology could produce (ie Monsters) then it would make sense as to why they thought they could take on the HUB.

What if?


I kinda doubt that. In one of the mid match convo’s Caira and I think Parnell and maybe Cabot are talking about if the monsters are “built” and Caira says “no”. She says something about she could see Golath being a cross between two animals, and kraken also being a different cross but then she says there’s nothing like wraith and if there were, she would know about it.


Why do these interesting conversations alway come up when I’m sleeping? Good stuff, here!


I think Caira has a conversation about the fact that ALL the monsters have a specific genetic marker that is “fake” or “made” because it’s a “perfect gene” template used during the mutagen wars because it was better. And that it COULD have been gotten to via evolution… but is most likely made.


That wouldn’t be possible in game as both are medics. this would have to come from @Matthew’s writing


I mean they all come from the same thing but the stuff Caira says about wraith really makes me doubt they’re built. The conversations on wraith trap make it seem like there is no teleportation in the Evolve universe but somehow the wraith can do that. If I were I bio engineer I feel like I would first have to have an understanding of the physics involved in the ability and then design a gene/genome that can produce those results. If the engineer understands the physics then probably some other engineer does and has applied the knowledge with more traditional technology. I mean the electric eel can produce a nasty shock and the mantis shrimp can punch at like 1000 mph but they’ve both been doing their tricks for a long time. Sure rifles can do the same sort of thing as the mantis shrimp but even better and we can make even nastier electrical discharges than the eel but both of those animals are really old and evolved those things long before we understood what the animal was even doing. I think wraith is probably really old and has weird abilities because of that. All the ancient animals here on earth do weird stuff, why wouldn’t that be true on some other planet?


I needed more coffee… I honestly don’t remember who she was talking to. You are correct… but the conversation did happen.


Maybe parnell? He seems to be one of the only other ones to have intelligent discussion? Abe would be my other guess but he’s too brash for that IMO