Torvald and laz vs behemoth


Hey all. Just got my ass handed to me by a random pub twice in a row. Played with them so know they aren’t great and not using mics. Have not been beaten as behemoth since my initial couple of games so would at least say that I’m reasonably good but I was just hammered. Iv mauled plenty of premades in my time.
I baited the dome for perfect cave fighting etc and had an anti laz 3 lava 2 wall 1 tongue build the first time then a pure damage lava fissure build to focus laz down in the second fight but torvald just absolutely mauled me both times. If it wasn’t for laz id just go for strikes and have no problem hitting and running a team with Thor normally. Laz on his own is crap against bob but with torvald it’s just ridiculous. It’s rocked my ‘I can take on all comers with bob’ feel.
Anyone else encountered this? Tips? I played 2 very different approaches the two games but neither worked. Torvald just punishes camping so hard. I feel bob really needs to commit to fighting and he just can’t take out bodies as you need to against laz with Thor there. Other monsters can just evade and wait til s3 against a good team but bob has to fight earlier.

Tldr: struggling as behemoth against Thor and laz combo. Seems overly difficult to overcome


I would assume that you down someone, then throw a lava bomb on them to finish them off and prevent Laz from wanting to get in there, then once the person dies you wall them off and eat them. Even better, time it so that you can tongue grab them away from the group right before they die and then wall the team off and eat them. Depending on where you are placing you wall and fighting, neither Tor or Laz should be able to prevent you from eating the bodies.

If Laz tries to tank the lava bomb and go for the revive, you can just tongue grab him to you and wall him off and kill him. As behemoth, you shouldn’t have to body camp, you have a lot of abilities to prevent Laz from working properly. These are just my thoughts though, I’m not a monster player.


Laz doesn’t heal to well. Make Torvald pop his shield and then run to focus on someone else. After his sheild is done down him. Camp his body til he dies. You will take damage but oh well. After he dies, back up, put the wall up between you and the hunters, eat his body.


Yeah maybe focusing Thorvald is a plan. Normally leave assault to last. He has hank and laz defending him so it takes a bit of time


You can actually tongue grab corpses, if you can see them, which is easier said than done since some maps are very dark. Worth a try.


Here’s something I do to counter Laz while cutting Torvald from damaging me; get distance from the body, tongue grab the incapped hunter or body towards you, rock wall, and either finish the hunter off and/or eat the body.


Aiming Tongue Grab reveals cloaked hunters (Lazarus). Eat bodies behind your Rock Wall so hunters can’t disrupt your feeding. Try to kill assault first so you take less damage when body camping and eat assault.


As much as i love behemoth we all need to accept that he is underpowered. I only play as him but i dont expect to win. Just think, if you can win with him now then when he gets buffed you will be a badass


Fight Torvald in caves, they said. He will be weakened in caves, they said.

Behemoth is badass in caves, they said! He can wreck pubs, they said. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cheers guys. Was a bit of a rage post in the first instance. Lost a 40 odd (online and custom) win streak so was not a happy chappy. Think the focus thor strat is a good one which will need to be invstigated. He really is a lot harder to deal with as behemoth than the others who are just delicious.


Also, is he getting buffed?
Apart from his crappy stamina he just wrecks pubs. Would worry about him being OP then. I thought he had a strong winrate in recent telemetry?


They WILL be buffing him. The only question is, WHEN


Lovely jubbly. Any ideas on what is getting buffed? His damage output is huge. His defence is now decent (Thor aside) only his mobility is low which is a fair trade. His stamina def needs a buff but other than that…


Love bob…: dont want people to give grief he is op


They will be buffing his stamina, will most likely fix the flying roll glich, fix rockwall and fissure, most likely change the effect stasis has on his traversal.

I dont have much of a problem with torvald, i have a much harder time with hyde because every time i use rockwall i get trapped with a toxic grenade.


Ah, I only go to rock wall at stage 3 unless laz is playing. Normally play a really aggressive 3 lava 3 tongue 3 rock ( at each stage) Level 3 tongue is amazing in combos. Strange, I never have problems with Hyde. Must be more in the open than you which is why Thor hits me but the grenades don’t


I have problems with hydes nades because i always do my best to make sure the hunter i capture cant go anywhere, so im normally stuck in myself as well

At stage 3 i have 3fissure, 3toungue, 2rockwall, and 1 lava (cause i dont really see a difference in damage with different lvls of lava)