Torvald and Kraken


So I have not used Torvald yet but I have watched all the new hunter vids and I am familiar with his skill set. I am wondering if torvald is going to be at a huge disadvantage against good krakens. A good kraken stays in the air most of the fight and is very difficult to bring to the ground where torvald can use his mortar and shrapnel grenade. It seems to me that Torvald is going to be plain outclassed by a flying kraken as he won’t be able to reliable use grenades and mortar and the shotgun is only effective at short to medium-ish ranges. What does everyone else think about Torvald fighting a Kraken? I think he is going to be alot weaker than the other assaults vs kraken.


except that u have a trapper and others to ground the kraken. a griffin holding kraken in place, a perfect timed crow shot. or abes nades and suddenly 1-2 barrages from torvald is greatly appreciated lol. hell be fine.


In all reality all Assaults are at a major disadvantage against Kraken, hes just too high and too mobile for them to really do anything to them. I actually think Thor (ima call him Thor) has the best chance at actually doing decent damage if he can catch a Kraken off guard (ie lightning strike on the ground+Mortar=F-ed up Kraken)


We all thought this about Hyde too. We were correct to some extent, but for the most part, using the Minigun and bursting flames when he landed or had to stay still made up for it. None of the Assaults work very well against a flying Kraken- mines are less useful, flamethrower doesn’t reach, the Shotgun doesn’t reach, you will never land the majority of SS shots, so on, so forth.

I think that Torvald will be excellent as using mortars for burst damage when Kraken is in a good spot, much like Hyde.


Thing is that maggie and griffin are very ineffective against kraken. Their harpons break almost instantly if kraken is spamming his ranged attack while flying unless they are directly behind the kraken and the kraken can fly so high into the air that maggies harpoons will never even deploy.


if he’s up in the air, the best thing is probably to spam mortars and pray hes out of stamina.


For the Kraken that floats at the edge of the dome just start railing the wall and peg him that way. If he starts there are now two trappers that can consistently pull him down and Griffon can do a decent job as well. Regardless of who chooses what, a lot for a Kraken fight comes down to where you dome him.


I am a boss Kraken and I mostly prefer to stay on the ground. I don’t know why you think you can only be a good Kraken if you’re a flier. I love staying grounded.


the best krakens are the ones who are flying… 3 feet above your head. making sure u never escape their grasp . landing heavy attacks to lock u into oblivion.


I like that idea because if the Kraken has stamina, the mortars will make him decide whether he wants to get hit by the mortars or use some stamina to get out of the way if they’re well place shots.


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Thanks guys.