Torvald and capacity perks


So I got to thinking the other night after watching a stream that included some Torvald gameplay. His shotgun is one click for 8 shotgun shots. If you take the 50% capacity perk then get the +75% from the obsidian grub (name?) you’ll have 18 shots. To me, that sounds both amazing and terrible because you’re forced to shoot all 18. I’m not sure if switching to one of his other weapons will stop the shotgun from shooting, so that could be a counter to it.

Now on the flip side of having a shotgun that can shoot for days, I’m assuming that the capacity will also work on his mortars. If that’s the case, shooting lots of mortars in one go will be beautiful - especially on a body camping or evolving monster. Those mortars do some serious damage too if you can land a majority of them.

Overall I’m really looking forward to Torvald the most, because he looks like the only assault that I’ll enjoy playing (Sorry Hyde, don’t melt my face)


Your 50% perk (capacity) will get replaced by the 75% (capacity) buff if you pick that one up. Can’t have both (currently possible due to a bug, but with the new patch I am guessing it will be fixed). Mortars do get 2 extra shots or whatever (not the missiles, but 2 extra clicks) which is really good.


Capacity is unlike the other perks in that it stacks. If you take the 50% capacity with Caira, then pick up 75%, you’ll have 9 grenades.


Torvald does too much damage, even for an assault.


what do u mean 2 extra clicks


The capacity perk and buff do work together currently but it is a bug. They plan to patch it so they don’t work together eventually and then only the 75% Capacity Increase buff would affect you.


I didn’t think that was a bug, just thought it was an exception. That’s kind of disappointing, but I guess if it’s a bug it should be fixed.


still tho at 75% thats 14 shots u cannot stop lolol. its gonna feel so retarded firing that gun press shoot and hold on for dear life.